Guide to Design and Customize Your Macaron Boxes

Undoubtedly, all brands wish to make captivating macrons for their customers and keep up with the quality. Yet, in the bakery industry, you need to provide an incredible product display to win customers’ hearts. In this way, designing and customizing your macaron boxes is a wonderful choice that lifts up your sales and customer loyalty. Don’t have any idea? Readout this post completely!

Why Do You Need Custom Macaron Boxes?

Like other industry items, you need stylish and appealing custom macaron boxes for different reasons. First, these custom boxes shield your delicate macarons from residue and soil factors. Secondly, the boxes would preserve your macarons from any harmful impacts.

In addition, custom packaging boxes are ideal to speak with your market and clarify your brand message. Indeed, if you truly wish to fabricate your strong presence in the business, customizing your boxes are the appropriate answer.

Better yet, custom boxes offer different creations decisions as per your item interest and industry standards. Most importantly, these boxes would be more solid to shield your sensitive items from harm. Eventually, you could print any data that you need to educate your customers on the boxes. Thus, custom boxes are fundamental to ultimately help your business.

Always Choose Sturdy Material for Your Macaron Packaging Boxes

The sturdiness of macaron packaging boxes is fundamental as they would hold multiple macarons at one time. Some brands pack 3 and 4 pieces of macaron in one box. Meanwhile, some others might pack 6 pieces and 12 bits of macarons in a single box.

In this context, the insurance of macarons turns into the greatest test. How your brand could shield them from harm and safely transport them to customers’ doorstep? To solve this matter, the utilization of cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, or rigid is important. When designing your boxes, you could choose the different thicknesses according to your spending plan.

  • Cardboard

This material would give a smooth and sparkling look to your commendable boxes. Additionally, it is a recyclable, reusable, repurpose-capable, and savvy arrangement.


  • Kraft

You could go for Kraft material to get an eco-friendly decision for your macaron boxes.

  • Corrugated

This packaging material is perfect if you need to deliver your macarons to customers.

  • Rigid

Rigid is ideal for presenting your macarons in gift packaging.

Choose the Right Size for Your Macaron Boxes Wholesale 

The most financially savvy choice is to choose the specific size of the boxes that meet the standard of room-saving packaging. The exact size of macaron boxes wholesale keeps your items from moving around. Thus, makes your packaging boxes to be more practical and economical.

Carefully Choose the Style for Your Clear Macaron Boxes

Try not to choose a style that makes your boxes difficult to open. Instead, make sure your clear macaron boxes would be an efficient arrangement for customers. Additionally, you should choose the right style to safely deliver your macarons to customers’ hands.

Plus, to give a smooth unboxing experience, you could use standout styles such as:

  • Tube boxes
  • Hexagonal boxes
  • 2-piece boxes
  • Heart-formed boxes
  • Window boxes

Apply a Unique Design for Your Custom Macaron Boxes

The design of your custom macaron boxes also plays a fundamental part in the development of your business. By using unique boxes, you could drive an increasing number of customers to love your brand. For this, you could print significant character designs, bright illustrative, and entertaining symbols according to your brand logo on the boxes.

Moreover, you could apply multicolor lines with various color combinations to your custom boxes. What’s more, the utilization of creative design on your macaron boxes is additionally a dazzling plan to make them alluring.

Apply Innovative Printing Techniques for Your Macaron Boxes

Just the same as your brand logo, the text style that you used to print any text on the boxes should be eccentric and suitable for your business. Yes, you need to spend more focus on deciding the suitable text style.

After all, your macaron packaging boxes would be all yours. Hence, you could undoubtedly use them on all that you give in the business. With style, your text dimension also needs to be special and unique. For this, you would need distinctive text dimensions as you could never use a standard text dimension for a stunning brand logo. This is where innovative printing techniques would surely help you a lot.

Another important thing to do is provide essential data you need to convey to your customers. For example, you could provide the list of ingredients, flavor name, MFG, expiry date, and other details. Along these lines, always choose the right side of the boxes in which customers could see and read the data easily.

Getting confused? Don’t be! A professional packaging provider would assist you to design and customize outstanding macaron boxes that suit your brand.

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