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Home Exterior Areas That Need Proper Care & Maintenance After The Winter Season

The winter season can be harsh on the overall structural integrity of your home. Such is the reason why it’s prudent to take after winter care for certain exterior components of your home that get impacted the most during the winters – either via upgrades or repairs. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be suggesting the key areas of your home exteriors that require much-needed care after the winter season, so that you can extend their longevity. 

  1. The Windows

According to a professional service provider for a home inspection in Woods Cross UT, if your house windows are made from wood, then the same should be checked for any warping issues after the winter season. This is because wooden windows tend to swell up because of the moisture present in the air. 

Furthermore, the windows must also be inspected for any organic growth (such as mould or mildew), wood rot and peeling paint. 

  1. The Roof

After the fall and winter season, you can expect your roof to be covered with dead leaves, twigs and other debris – all of which need to be removed and cleaned properly.

Besides, you also have to check the roof for any leaks or cracks, regardless of the material it uses. Furthermore, examine the roof vents for any bird nests. In case you see any bird nestings be sure to clear the area and remove any debris so that there is no build-up of bacteria. 

  1. The Siding

It’s crucial to check your house’s siding – whether it’s made from vinyl or aluminium – for any loose pieces so that there is no entry of water and thereby cause damage to the structure of your home. 

Water leaks can lead to the formation of mould & mildew. Moreover, check for any presence of algae or dirt build-up, so that you can easily clean the same using a scrub brush and a cleanser. 

If you choose to pressure-wash your home, ensure that there are no damaged areas, otherwise, pressure washing will inflict more damage due to the increased force of the water stream. 

  1. The Roof Gutters

As the accumulated snow or ice from the winter season starts melting, the melted water requires a clear path so that it can drain seamlessly. Thus, check for any presence of debris and remove the same, so that the gutters don’t remain clogged. 

Furthermore, ensure that the gutters are affixed properly to the roof of your home because months of snow accumulation could have loosened up the gutters. 

A non-functional roof gutter system will cause the draining water from the roof of your home to back up and then cause damage to the walls, roof shingles and the overall structure of the roof. Additionally, misaligned gutters can direct the draining water towards the foundation of your home, rather than directing away from your house. 

  1. The Deck

Once the winter snow has melted from your decks and porches, you have to carefully inspect them and look for any signs of discolouration, rot, loosened boards and water damage. If you find loosened boards, then the same must be screwed or nailed down properly again. 

Any discolouration signifies that the sealant of the porch or deck has been weakened and therefore have to be replenished again. To deal with discolouration, you have to reseal the deck or porch. 

Lastly, always remember that even though all of the above-mentioned fixes are easy to perform on your own, never hesitate to call professional home inspectors for the task. Professional home inspectors have the proper tools and experience to perform a thorough home inspection process. For any assistance, be sure to connect with our experts today. 

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