Homework You Need To Do Before You Buy Computer

Inspired by work from home culture and online tuition, people and students are buying laptops, but most of the buyers make mistakes in choosing the right machines. Work from home is the new normal. Similarly, kids are provided online coaching and tuition. And this online trend has triggered a rush for computer deals.

Whether you are looking for a laptop for work from home or for the online tuition of your kid, you need a machine that can accommodate your present as well as future needs.

Key factors that affect the performance of a computer

1. Screen Size & Resolution

Larger the area, the bigger the picture. Similarly, the higher the resolution, the better the picture. In laptops, a 14” screen is considered sufficient. It is an ideal screen size for all types of jobs. If you are buying a desktop, then you should buy a 24” monitor. Similarly, you should consider the resolution of the LCD screen of your computer. For example, 800×600 pixels, are considered the standard ratio for a 14” laptop screen.

2. Operating System

You will buy computer with an operating system like Linux, Apple OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, and DOS. While Linux is available for free, Apple is exclusively for Mac computers. But you can buy Windows 7 or 8 edition from the market. Or you can get Windows 7 preloaded on your computer. Or you can buy DOS that is also a good option in operating systems. Depending on your needs, you can choose a DOS and later update your computer with the Windows OS of your choice.

3. Memory

The performance of a computer is directly related to its memory known as RAM. And you should know that the software and operating systems used today demand higher memory. So, you should try to get maximum RAM power. The minimum RAM power you need is 4 GB and the good thing is that most computers come with expandable memory. You can add more gigabytes to your RAM as and when required. For example, you can increase your 4 GB RAM to 8 GB when you want to boost the power and performance of your laptop.

4. Hard Drive

It is a hard disc used to store data and like memory, you also need a big hard drive where you can store a load of data. Computers with 4 GB RAM usually come with a 1 TB hard drive and this much disc space is sufficient for storing a load of data. Also, like RAM, you can buy computer accessories to increase the disc space from 1 TB to 2 TB or more. More disc space will boost the power and performance of your machine.

5. CPU

It is called the brain of a computer. Measured in GHz, it determines the speed of a machine. Two leading brands provide the best chips. These are Intel and AMD. Out of the two, Intel is the market leader. And Intel has a long line of chips available for users. Starting with 1st generation of i3 chips to advance i7 chips, buyers can choose the best chips for their machines. But you should settle no less than the i3 7th generation chipset that is the minimum requirement for a better computer.

6. Battery

Laptops have an advantage over desktops. They are battery-powered hence movable. A laptop with a juicy battery can work for up to 8 hours or longer depending on the nature of your job. But it isn’t a concern with desktops that require an uninterrupted power supply for working. If you are buying a laptop, you should inquire about its battery power and charging speed. There are many places where you can easily find a computer for sale in India.

7. Optical Drive

It is an additional feature as it is used only when you want to run a CD, DVD, or Blue-ray disc on your computer. Earlier, it was a regular feature on all computers, including laptops, but today it is considered an addition. Or on-demand feature. If you need an optical drive, you can buy it from the market instead of getting it embedded in your laptop or computer. Nowadays people prefer DVD burners that can play CD and DVD. Also, they are cheaper than Blue-ray drives.

Today you can buy a computer online in India as many websites sell both laptops and desktops. But you need education on the factors that can help find the right machine for your needs. There are plenty of options available, but you can filter your search only with the help of key factors.

Cost of a laptop

The cost of a computer is determined by its configuration like its screen size, RAM, Hard Drive, OS, CPU, and battery power. But it will be a one-time investment that will give a huge return in the long run. Working with a good computer will enhance your performance and output. It becomes your digital assistant that will store crucial data.

How to get a computer?

You can look for lucrative computer deals on the web, or visit a discount store where you can expect some discount on lesser selling models. If you need a computer for work, then there is little need to compromise on the features and functionality of the machine as it will directly impact your performance and output.

If you are buying a laptop for online studies of your kid then you can settle on a lesser model that is just perfect for the present needs of your child. You should shop around to check options and buy one that gives the highest return on investment.

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