How can Live Video Calling Enhance your Customer Service Today?

In 2022, how can a business like yours enhance its customer service quality?

You know that customer service should always be aligned where the customer and business benefit. Good customer service will always cater to the needs and wants of the customers. 

But with the rapid change taking place in technology, are there ways in which you could upgrade your current customer service? Video chat solution proves to be that upgrade. So, how can a video call SDK help you drive better customer service? This blog will guide you through the process. 

Why Should You Consider Video Chat For Customer Service?

How do businesses cater to customer service? The most common form is voice calls. Voice calls have been the prominent choice to clarify or explain related queries about a business’s product or service. But did you know that using a video call solution for customer service can enhance it better?

Let’s understand this with an example:

A customer calls you regarding a query about your service. Instead of a voice call, you engage with them on a video call. What are the perks here?

The customer will be able to have a real-time conversation with the team. Apart from this, they will receive a more personalized service that will trigger them to engage with you again. 

From your business point of view, your connection with your customers will increase, thus converting more loyal customers. Apart from this, reducing errors or confusion with the customer is simpler. 

How Are Businesses Benefitting From Live Video Chat Apps?

Businesses have the opportunity to engage on a deeper level with their users. 

Technology introducing solutions such as live video chat or calls make it easier to connect with users how they like. 

Using such a communication platform makes it easier for brands to sell their service, drive more online sales, and deliver a better service to retain loyal customers. 

8 Advantages Of Using Video Chat Solution In 2022-2023

You know that video calls have been a prominent part of any communication. 

With video calls, it becomes easier for customer service representatives to understand the customer’s body language. 

With this information, aligning the engagement with them becomes simpler. 

But apart from this perk, several other reasons prove that using a live video call platform can benefit your business.

Here are the top reasons:

1. Eliminates confusion

Most calls that happen via customer service are about product or service confusion. Customers here will be frustrated; thus, the best way to calm them down is to have a virtual real-time face-to-face engagement. In this process, the customer service representative and the customer can have a better conversation, and the former can resolve more common confusion. 

After this, there will be a lesser chance for the same customer to call again since they will know how to use your services or products better. 

2. Cost-effective solutions

Did you know that using live video calling for customer service is cheaper?

There are now video calling APIs available wherein businesses like you can render multiple features at a single cost. To name a few are unlimited and secure file sharing, multiple conference scheduling, and much more. 

Instead of investing in multiple tools, using a video calling API provider is relatively cheaper. 

3. Increase customer happiness

Good customer service helps to keep your customers happy. 

Did you know that most customers appreciate a brand that offers good customer service?

It is always better to retain your customer attention as it can drive more revenue when compared to finding and selling your brand to a new customer. 

4. More customer investment

When you, as a brand, offer exceptional customer service, you can expect your brand to be the talk of the town. 

A happy customer will always spread the word about a brand that was great in helping them out. 

This form of marketing can sell your brand with no additional sales costs and help tap potential customers who don’t require much convincing to invest in your brand. 

5. Enhance customer service with video recordings

Another great way to enhance your customer service process is via recordings. 

Not all customer service calls will go great. This doesn’t mean that you cannot improve. 

Having a recorded version can help you or your team to do better. This will identify the common mistakes and what you can do to rectify this. 

As a customer service representative, you must have all the qualities to deal with any customer. 

6. Provide remote service

Today almost all brands work remotely.

This means when it comes to offering customer service, the best way of doing this is via live chat video call. 

Just like how you would engage with your customers face to face, the same process can be repeated virtually. 

7. Solve complex issues

There are moments when a customer query will require a better communication platform o resolve that issue. 

This is when a video chat solution comes into place. 

With a video call, it becomes easier to solve the queries. The customer service representative can conduct movements within the screen to help explain to the customers. 

8. Enhancing customer service calls

As stated earlier, video calling API makes it more accessible to enhance your current live video calling customer service process. 

Such API providers offer enhanced features such as delivering presentations with whiteboards, conducting private chats, etc. This makes it easier to deliver exceptional customer service. 

5 Industry Examples Of Live Video Calls

Multiple industries can benefit from live video calls for customer service. Here are the popular ones:

1. Public Sector

The public sector can use live video calls to solve any related queries. They can connect better with customers and try to enhance the experience better. 

2. HealthCare

Healthcare can use live video calls to access information or engage with doctors virtually. Instead of having them travel so much, a quick video call can help diagnose less severe conditions. 

3. Financial Services

The world of finance can get complicated to understand. There are moments wherein, explaining to users about certain topics becomes difficult via calls. Thus, live video calling can help bankers connect with their users and explain them better. This form of communication also eliminates the need for their users to travel to resolve minor issues. 

4. Retailers

Retailers can use video calls to conduct multiple actions, such as solving customer queries, explaining a product, etc. This helps them to sell better via the virtual platform. Apart from this, they can also help buyers access an online store. 

5. Real Estate

The use of video calling API can be beneficial for real estate. They can use this method to show homes while the buyer sits at home. This convenience makes it easy to explore houses without having to travel much. 


Using a live video call to engage with your customers is a good move. 

With a live video call service, businesses can have personalized and better customer engagement; thus, it is better to invest in a video calling API provider that can offer that.

The top reason being they are experts in this field and offer tons of relevant features that can enhance your live video-calling chat platform. 

So, when do you plan to get started with live video calls and chat for customer service for your business?

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