How Do You Breathe In A Human Hamster Ball?


Do you feel afraid thinking about how to take a breath inside a human-sized hamster ball? In this article, we will talk about the mechanism of breathing inside a human Hamster ball actually works. It will help you to overcome the fear by knowing the procedure of staying inside a Hamster ball for a long duration. And this may be the reason that is preventing you from getting a human-sized hamster ball today and exploring the fun.

Before starting you must know What is a human-sized Hamster ball?

Human sized hamster balls are also known as Zorb balls. They must have to make two layers of plastic material with a subcaste of air in between the layers.  A fancy mesh of nylon strings connects the two layers. Occasionally there can be more than 300 individual strings linking them. This shape saves the rider from getting injuries as it acts like a shock absorber, damping bumps along with the lift. Originally a hamster ball have to make of rigid substance but the human-sized hamster ball is formed of durable PVC and is featherlight too. The plastic layers are generally around 0.8 mm (0.03 inches) thick. And the regular size for a ball is approximately 3 meters (10 ft) in diameter.

Types of Hamster Balls:

There are mainly two types of spherical hamster balls, one is fully enclosed and the other is semi-enclosed. They are the water walking ball and the Zorb ball.


Zorb Ball Water Walking Ball
The Zorb ball has strips erected from inside so that your body is kept secured and safe inside the ball. The capsule surrounds your head and body, and it completely protects you when you impinge and tumble. You are free to do whatever you want but your legs stick out. You’ll be fully in control of which way you’re doing. The water ball, also famous as the water walking ball, is made of PVC material. It is also spherical in shape. It will help you to walk or run across the water. There are different sizes of spheres. Generally, in the periphery, it measures 2m (6 ft 7 in) and has a zipper entrance for quick access. The water ball has only one subcaste of plastic which makes it different from the normal Zorbing ball.

How Long Can You Breathe Inside a Hamster Ball?

 As these two different types of hamster balls are separate in nature and build, the technique of breathing is also different for them. You can try both balls for the experience.

Breathing inside the water walking ball: Normally there is enough oxygen to survive 30 minutes inside the water walking ball, but we suggest players stay inside for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Breathing inside a human Zorb ball: The human Hamster ball has two layers and the area between them is bloated. But the inner layer is always open to the outside. There is enough space for ventilation so you will get fresh air coming in all the time.

Technique to Breath in a Human Hamster Ball:

The piston of the ball inside the large column will move over when you breathe. Try to change the piston of the ball as high up as you can or to the position of your croaker. Relax and move the position, and also breathe out typically.

How to inflate a human hamster ball:

To inflate the ball, bind the protection ropes around the ball. This should have to be secure with the circle’s plant around the external side of the ball. Before starting to inflate, you should enter through the zipper of the ball. Don’t fully close the zipper. Leave enough space for the cracker. Start inflating the ball and happily remove the cracker and close the zipper. Eventually, bind the ropes together and start walking on water. Enjoy this fun exertion with your family and mates. In the beginning, you may fall many times but it’s all part of the fun. There are huge ways to incorporate this exertion into your next event. It’s a fun and instigative out-of-door exertion, everyone will love it.

Safety Reminders:

Consistently keep the ball interlinked to the rope while playing. 300 kg is the ultimate capacity of the ball. The recommended playing time by us is 10 minutes to ensure the protection of the player. After every 10 minutes, inflate the ball with new air. Don’t try to run with a water walking ball on the ground as this is for use on a body of water only. In case of perforation, you may want to use cement to fix it. In case the zipper doesn’t work, use slicking canvas to fix it. Thus you can enjoy playing with a human sized Hamster ball in a secure manner.




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