How To Boost Corporate Hotel Bookings?

A corporate hotel is much more professional and is aimed to host business professionals traveling for work. Corporate hotel bookings work much differently than those aimed towards hosting guests traveling for leisure. You need the right hotel supplies from hotel suppliers such as D ZEE pool towel range from D ZEE International; so that it matches what your corporate guests are looking forward to. When it comes to how to boost corporate hotel bookings you need to look into a few things and understand; exactly how you can boost bookings.

We are here to help you understand all of that and give you the ideas you need to implement to increase your corporate bookings.

What is a Corporate Hotel?

Yes, it is a business hotel but these hotels are mostly working with various corporations to host their employees in their hotels across the country.

Different corporations that have employees flying across cities at any point of time; need to find the right accommodations for them. This includes a comfortable room, meeting rooms, meal services, and also recreational facilities as part of the package deal. A corporate hotel has everything these business professionals need, they have signed contracts at discounted rates; and are always available to host their employees. They prefer hosting their business guests over finding individual guests.

But corporate hotel bookings might get limited at times, hence, they need to look for more professionals who need housing.

Boost Your Corporate Hotel Bookings

Here are some ways that will help you boost your bookings and get more corporations on board.

1.     Be Active on All Online Platforms

From your website to social media to OTAs, you need to show up everywhere; corporations should know of your existence.

You will not be getting any bookings if corporations don’t know of your existence. That’s why, you need to be very smart about how you take over social media and what you portray on your website. All your online platforms need to be synced with one another. When new potential guests visit your website, they should understand exactly what you are about. It helps them know you are a genuine hospitality business and that they can trust their employees with you.

2.     Corporate Relationships Through Professional Conferences

What you may have missed online, you can make up for in person with meetings, trade shows, conferences, and events.

Building long-term business relationships through these trade shows helps you make your potential guests understand what you have to offer them. They know what you would offer them and how they would be able to benefit by choosing to work with your hotel. Here you can work around budgets, amenities, and what your destination has to offer. Being there in person means you can convince them for a visit and work on further details from there. Your corporate bookings increase along with the word of mouth your hotel gains.

3.     Always Be Updated with the Times

Your hotel messaging to get your word across to corporate bookers needs to be professional and straightforward.

All your hotel features that the potential corporate guests would find appealing need to be highlighted. The benefits for each of the features needs to be made clear. This would give them a better idea of how your hotel would; make their stay not only worthwhile for the business but also comfortable for the guests. They wouldn’t be missing out on their workouts and would be commuting to-and-from the hotel to the airport and around the city with ease. The catering would be available for them to have delicious and nutritious foods whenever they want and more.


How to boost corporate hotel bookings needs to be strategic and you need keep improving your strategies and hotel with time.

Times and demands keep changing, hence corporate hotel bookings keep fluctuating. If you are not smarter than your competitors you would see a decline in the bookings. So always remember, consistency in everything you do to promote your hotel; and better your hotel services just needs to be better than yesterday.


How to boost corporate hotel bookings according to you? Share your thoughts on corporate hotel bookings and what you think about the tips we have shared with you.



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