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How To Correctly Measure for Rug Cleaning

Carpets are an important part of home decor. When it comes to home decor, carpets are definitely included in it. Whatever the season, carpets help spice up the look of any room. Anyway, these days carpets of many colors, shapes and designs are available in the market which make any part of the house very beautiful. However, one problem with these is that they get dirty easily and then they look dull. Therefore, it is necessary to pay equal attention to their cleaning.

Using a dirty carpet is not right in any way. Generally, women believe that cleaning the carpet is a tough task and hence many women do not even give them space in their house to avoid the hassle of carpet cleaning. If you do the same then there is no need for you to do so now. Today we are telling you about some easy steps of carpet cleaning.


Are you thinking of hiring a rug cleaning company to clean the rug in your house and don’t know how to measure the rug? A clean and tidy rug carpet can give your home a warm and comfortable look. Not to mention the luxurious look they provide to your home is really impressive for the guests. However, it is hard to measure the rug carpet area of your home to hire cleaners. In this article, we will discuss the process of perfectly measuring the size of your rug carpet in order to place the order correctly and calculate the price precisely while placing the order to any rug cleaners from carpet stores in albuquerque


The first thing you need to do to measure the rug is to know the unit that will be used in the cleaning service store that you will be going to. If you have not chosen any rug cleaning company to hire yet, you can choose one based on the other blogs on our site. There is a lot of information you can find on choosing the perfect rug cleaning services for your home. Once you have chosen the perfect rug cleaners for your home, you can contact them to know the unit they measure the rugs in. Usually, the rugs are measured in either square centimeters or in square inches. Once you have chosen the unit you want to measure your rug in, you can get to the measuring part. 


Now, here comes the fun part. It is best to have a notebook with you to calculate the final rug size as you cannot measure the entire rug in one go. Now take your tape and follow the directions. First, divide the room in smaller rectangles. The rectangles will be of different sizes because of the placement of furniture in your room. Ignore the furniture and accordingly mark as many rectangles as you want. These will be the guidelines for the final measurement. It is easier to calculate the area of rectangles and squares using simple mathematical formulas and that is why we are doing this step.  


After dividing the room, we will have to find the area of every individual rectangle. It is better if you mark the different rectangles with a light-colored chalk in order to avoid any kind of confusion. Now, we know that the area of a rectangle is the length of the rectangle times the breadth of the rectangle. So, take the desired side of your measuring tape and measure the length of the smaller rectangles in the chosen unit. Then do the same for the breadths. Make sure to note down the measurements in a notebook. 


Now, take a calculator and multiply the length and the breadth of each small rectangle in order to get the area. You can also do this without a calculator if you are some sort of a genius. This way you will get the area of every individual rectangle. Now, all you have to do is add the values. Once you have added all the values of areas of the smaller rectangles, you will have the area of the entire rug.   


If you want to know more about this, read our other blogs about buying and maintaining your rugs and carpets. To find the perfect store and carpet providers near you, contact us about rug cleaning in Albuquerque and we will help you find the best stores in your area with the best service and collection for your home. We will provide you with the best stores and services near you to meet your needs. 

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