How to Crack UPSC IAS Exam in First Attempt?

Cracking the UPSC IAS examination is not that simple as you might be thinking, according to many test takers. Yes, the competition is very high and fiercely competitive, with thousands of hopefuls fighting for placement for a place each year. However, if you give yourself enough time to prepare and combine it with the finest UPSC coaching institute in Bhopal or any other part of India, your probability of making it to UPSC exam can increase greatly.

Best Tips That Can Help You to Prepare For the UPSC IAS Exam

Understand the Exam Pattern

First and foremost, it is important that you understand the UPSC IAS exam pattern. This will help you to plan your preparation strategy accordingly. The UPSC IAS exam is conducted in three stages: Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The Preliminary stage is a qualifying examination and only the candidates who qualify it are eligible to appear for the Mains stage. The Mains stage is a written examination and the candidates who qualify it are called for the Interview stage.

Plan Your Preparation Time Well

It is important that you plan your preparation time well. You should start preparing for the UPSC IAS exam at least one year in advance. This will give you enough time to cover all the subjects and topics.

Join a Good Coaching Institute

UPSC online coaching institutes can play an important role in your preparation for the UPSC IAS exam. A good coaching institute can help you understand the exam pattern and syllabus better and also provide you with tips and strategies to crack the examination. They can also provide you with guidance and support throughout your study period.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests are an important part of the preparation process for any entrance examination, including the UPSC IAS examination. Taking mock tests will not only help you prepare better but also figure out a strategy to effectively answer questions within a stipulated time frame.

Don’t Forget Physical Fitness

Don’t forget to maintain your physical fitness while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. A healthy mind always resides in a healthy body so it is important that you get good night’s sleep and eat healthy food throughout your preparation period if you want to crack this difficult examination.

Develop Good Study Habits

The most important aspect about preparation for the UPSC IAS exam is to develop good study habits. This includes studying regularly, not leaving anything for the last minute and revision of notes regularly.

Prepare a Schedule and Follow it

Another important thing that you should do during your preparation period is to prepare a schedule and follow it religiously without fail. Since the UPSC IAS examination is conducted in multiple stages, you need to give yourself enough time to cover each topic and subject. So make sure that you give adequate time for revising all the topics and subjects.

Start Your Preparation with Current Affairs

It is always advisable that you start your preparation process with current affairs as this will help improve your vocabulary as well as knowledge of current events around the world since these topics are also included in the UPSC IAS exam syllabus.

Focus on All Aspects of Overall Syllabus

The next thing you should do while preparing for the UPSC IAS examination is to focus on all aspects of overall syllabus. You need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding about each topic so that you can answer questions related to them confidently in the examination hall.

Prepare a Proper Study Plan

Another important thing to do during your preparation for this examination is to prepare a proper study plan that will help you stay focused throughout your study period without any problems. This will be helpful in keeping distraction at bay, thus helping you benefit from your preparation time better.


Following the aforementioned tips will definitely help you in cracking the UPSC IAS exam in your first attempt. However, it is important that you stay dedicated and focused throughout your preparation period if you want to achieve this goal. Make sure that you follow a proper study schedule. And, revise all the topics regularly to score good marks in this difficult examination. All the very best to you all!

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