How to Decorate Rigid Boxes to Inspire Customers?

How to Decorate Rigid Boxes to Inspire Customers?

Differentiating your brand from others and providing exceptional shelf appeal is the ultimate aim of any manufacturer who wants to remain in the hearts of his customers for a long time. However, he does not know much about it. Factually, printed rigid boxes convince him to use but do not know how to get these boxes with the maximum features and at the most affordable rates. To help all the manufacturers, we have decided to introduce you to all the processes to incorporate visual appeal in packaging solutions. So, stay with us and learn about decorating ideas of rigid boxes wholesale:

Embossing / Debossing

Embossing is an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly decorating method that involves creating raised images on a substrate by tapping the back of the sheet with a handmade metal die. It creates an image of relief on the surface of the package. The result creates a precise, meticulous, natural, and sharp image. In this way, you can make your rigid packaging solutions visually and tactically pleasing. Debossing uses the same process but creates a depressing image on the substrate rather than a raised image.

Screen-printed UV varnish

To create a visually stunning, tactile, and elevated design on printed substrates, heavy layers of UV varnish can be applied to the package surface using screen printing techniques. After the varnish is cured with UV light, this durable decorating method can provide several different effects depending on the type of varnish used and the amount of varnish applied.

The types of UV varnishes include gloss, matte, soft-touch, textured, etc.

Cold stamping

Cold stamping creates “texture nuances” that can create a striking textural effect for the package. A metal die stamps a foil or other film-based materials onto the substrate, which is adhered to the surface using an adhesive found on the back of the stamping medium. This effect creates clear images for both graphics and text that are lightly etched while significantly increasing the added value of the package.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping involves applying aluminum foil to the substrate using heated matrices that produce shiny metallic effects for both graphics and text on the package. This decoration is use in many brand packages that want to convey superior quality, and many examples you can see on the market through this process. Hot foils come in many colors, including gold, silver, brass, copper, and many other colors (red, green, blue, etc.), while all provide an overall metallic effect.

Reverse UV

Reverse UV is a reverse highlighting effect that uses a matte UV varnish to create a textured “punch” effect on the bottom of the pack. By using this technique and contrasting with areas of high-gloss design elements, a contrast is created. It allows the graphics on the package to stand out both visually and in texture.

Deep Embossing / Debossing

Deep embossing/debossing differs from standard embossing/etching by the amount of substrate displaced by the metal dies. We use these dies to deform the fibers of the substrate. Very deep carvings can be etch and contrast with high relief peaks creating a visually stunning 3D effect for the package that is very vivid. It creates a very tactile user experience. The scrub is a unique printing process that creates a “sandpaper” type texture .On the surface of the package substrate. This decorating method is normally use for the background image of the package. However, it can also be use to create a tactile feel for the foreground images.

The ability to create a gritty feeling in the package. It can also be beneficial for heavier packages to help the consumer grip the package safely. The textured surface prevents the package from slipping off the customer’s fingers. While removing the item from the shelf and transporting the packed items.

Wrinkle oil

Improve the perceived quality of the product with Wrinkle Oil. It has a special printing effect similar to orange peel, usually incorporated with metallic inks or aluminum foil applications.

Folding pattern

This decorating method creates mirror-like refractions on the surface of the metalized packaging substrate. Furthermore, it has a stereoscopic visual appearance. The light catches each “bent” surface of the pattern and shines back to the consumer’s eye. At different angles, resulting in an exceptionally interesting and brilliant pattern.

UV glass

Crystal UV is a special varnish treatment. It uses high applications of clear and cured UV to simulate the appearance of jewelry, gemstones, water droplets, crystals, and snowflakes. They can use to adorn a variety of specialize graphics. It is often use for luxury products. The thoughtful and artistic application of Crystal UV decorating techniques can create unique packages that project an elegant style. This decorating technique provides a textural effect often seen in metal products that have been “handcrafted”, creating  Custom boxes for CBD products that are both visually and implicitly premium.

UV colorful

Printed graphics can accent with pigment-colored UV varnish, creating specialize effects that simulate colored gemstones. This effect can decorate flowers, birds, leaves, line art, etc. Colorful UV rays can provide emphasis with striking graphics that provide exceptional shelf appeal.

Laser cutting and engraving

To further enhance the appearance of today’s packages, lasers can use to precisely cut and engrave designs on packages. Lasers provide precision cutting that cannot be achieving with conventional punching techniques. The results are beautiful, detailed, and amazing.

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