How to Design Creative Logo using Multiple Techniques

All effective logos adhere to the same fundamental graphic design principles, but the outstanding ones have that additional something: inventiveness.

For most individuals, a distinctive logo design may be the difference between being remembered and forgetting about it a few seconds later. So, in this regard, Designviva has curated a list of examples to explain how to design a creative logo.

Freelance Bazar will help you to understand various techniques.

Drop Media

The concept behind creative logos is that their one-of-a-kind twist makes them more memorable.

Take, for example, the Drop Media logo. The name isn’t particularly original, and if their logo was simply the name with nothing spectacular, you’d probably forget their name or even their existence after a time.

Drop Media incorporates some entertaining images into its logo to make it more appealing. On the surface, this is a fun optical illusion that adds to the excitement of staring at the emblem, almost like a visual joke.

As per Designviva, it’s also a wonderful branding tactic to help people remember their name; the “drop” is the most remembered component, which improves Drop Media’s name recognition.

Talking Dog Entertainment

Talking Dog Entertainment’s unique logo design employs yet another classic graphic method. They build a comic book word bubble out of the empty area between the dog’s head and tail. When employing this approach, it is advisable to remove extraneous details: in this case, there is only a single-colored silhouette.


Steps’ logo demonstrates that you don’t need expensive images or optical illusions to design a great logo.

It’s a basic creative logo design, but it still uses ingenuity and visual wordplay to boost memorability like the other creative logo ideas.

Freelance Bazar explains that the letter E is shaped like stairs to indicate steps, and that’s all you need to transform an otherwise boring wordmark logo design into a distinctive and unique logo design.

Also, Designviva has observed that how the typeface has rounded corners and is sans serif; these characteristics make the business appear friendlier and more approachable, which contributes to the logo’s fun.

Magic Coffee

The Magic Coffee logo is a classic example of reversible pictures, the optical illusion in which the same image may be read in several ways. Is it a cup of coffee or a magical top hat in their logo?

Freelance Bazar says that Magic Coffee, once again, uses images to enhance brand connotations. The two images, a cup of coffee and a top hat, are both related to the words “magic” and “coffee” in their names. The design is simple, but the message is profound, making it an ideal combo for any brand.

 Mister Cutts

There is a great deal on in the Mister Cutts logo, but you might not see it all at first. Designviva explains that there’s a reversible picture of a pair of scissors and a face, however, it’s far less subtle and realistic than the Magic Coffee logo.

Aside from the small dot in the middle of the scissors, the visual is rather basic, employing only one hue and minimal detail.

Freelance Bazar explains that too much visual noise might detract from a reversible image, so it’s a wise decision to keep things simple as possible. There’s also some inventive typography with the two Ts in Cutts. This is designed to represent hair trimming, with one hair being shorter than the other.


The Bridge logo, like the Steps logo, favors simplicity over spectacular aesthetics. Similarly, they opt to make a letter in their brand name into a visual pun, again connecting the picture to their name, in this case, a physical bridge from R to D.

Because there are no fancy graphics, they express their brand personality through typeface and color, both of which tend towards a more formal and professional side while retaining a small whimsical side.

Antisocial Network

As Antisocial Network demonstrates, creative logo design is frequently amusing.

They pervert a relatively basic trademark form, the extended bar with rounded corners, to make a raunchy joke with the middle finger.

This is a great tactic for any business that wants to appear edgy, but it works especially well here. Because the company’s name is “Antisocial,” the middle finger analogy serves as more than a joke;

it also increases name recognition and brand awareness. It’s also worth noting that the “anti” in “antisocial” is slightly larger than the other letters. This discreetly emphasizes the most negative component of the term, making the brand appear even edgier.

Visual Pun

One of the most straightforward methods to make a logo original is to include a visual pun, which means giving your artwork a surprising twist that makes the viewer think twice.

Visual puns improve memorability and work well for any logo. To “get the joke,” our brains have to work a bit harder, and that effort helps us recall the logo later if we encounter it online or in a shop.

Furthermore, because they are amusing, they make your logo more entertaining to look at.

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