How To Download Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram has now become the biggest social media app. It has connected billions of people belonging to different races and cultures living at the different edges of the world. People always used profile pictures as the biggest source of identification and interaction.

The prettiest photographs are utilized as profile pictures because this is the cover that defines who you are. The network is constantly constrained by it. It signifies that irrespectively of how we want people to perceive us, it is vital to upload a profile photo based on the image we want to convey and communicate in a single search.


People also find their long-lost friends or family members on Instagram through profile picture but sometimes this tiny icon kind a Profile picture makes the situation worse if the account is not public as they couldn’t properly identify the person through his profile picture.

Instagram’s privacy checkers don’t let anyone view or download the user’s profile picture. On the contrary, we have some amazing apps and web tools that can do this for us free of cost. They zoom in on the person’s profile picture you want and save it for later use. Instazoom is the best choice for this purpose. It can simply show the HD size of the user’s profile picture by just entering the username of the required account.



For many reasons, if you have lost your Instagram’s profile picture from your phone gallery and now you want to save your Instagram profile picture because it’s so beautiful, there are a few programs that can assist. Take a screenshot of your Instagram profile image.

Allow me to demonstrate how to save an Instagram profile photo to your computer or smartphone. You may want to keep a duplicate of your Instagram profile picture as a backup or to use it on another platform. Several practical ways can be used in such situations.

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Instazoom – A Trouble Shooter

Some are very conscious regarding their profile picture. They click many photos and upload the best among them as their Instagram profile picture. But these Instagram profile picture are not saved as a post or archive in Instagram’s gallery.

So if you ever lost those stunning profile pictures of your account for any of the reasons for instance you deleted them mistakenly or if you format your phone data anyhow and now you want those fascinating pictures back again. So, Instagram is the best thing that will help you to download your precious picture again. Since it is an amazing app that can help you by the following ways:

  • As you visit the homepage of Insta Zoom website you will see a search bar.
  • Enter the username for viewing the profile picture.
  • Press the Download button after entering a username for your profile.
  • The program then searches Instagram for the image that best represents your wishes. Then, below the image, tap the Download icon.
  • The website is compatible with mobile devices.
  • The finest Instagram profile picture zoom tool is this one.

How Iphone Users Can Download Instagram Profile Picture 

How you can save Instagram profile picture on your iPhone. So don’t worry as there are many free-of-cost apps available that can easily download any of the profile pictures you want. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone. Locate the individual whose profile photo you’d like to save.

Keep a copy of this person’s username or write it down for future reference. Download a free profile picture downloader like IG Profile for Instagram from the app store.

Other Ways Of Downloading Profile Picture:

If all the above mentioned ways are unable to help you somehow or you want to try something different then there are two techniques for saving someone’s Instagram profile picture. The first way is to right-click on their name and select “Save Image As,” which will give you a jpg file that you can use as you like with the person’s images from that account, or simply keep them as-is for personal viewing only!

You might also want to look at Instagram Upload, a service that allows users with insufficient followers to publish stuff to other users’ timelines without being notified.

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