How to Find the Right Debica Tyres for Your Car?

How to Find the Right Debica Tyres for Your Car?

Debica S.A. is a well-known tyre manufacturing company that produces a wide assortment of tyres for different weather or road conditions and automobile segments such as cars, trucks and vans. Moreover, Debica S.A. is a polish brand, and the world-renowned Goodyear tyre has also invested in it due to its future potential. Also, the company has advanced facilities to manufacture tyres and to perform constant research and development to make new and high-quality tyres. To add further, Debica S.A. performs a thorough inspection on the tyres it creates and ensures they will adhere to all the safety standards. 

Select the Right Tyres

You can explore a wide range of Debica Tyres Birmingham based on different seasons and pick the one that best suits your driving requirements. Some of the variants include

  • Summer tyres: These tyres are made to provide the best driving experience in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. 
  • Winter Tyres: These tyres are designed to offer an improved driving experience in temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. 
  • All-season Tyres: These tyres are a mixture of summer and winter tyres, and are perfect for car owners looking to get reliable all-year performance. 
  • 4×4 Tyres: These tyres are made for SUVs and CUV car owners looking to get excellent on and off-road driving experience. 
  • Performance Tyres: These tyres are specially made for sports or high-end premium vehicle owners. 

Popular Debica Tyres include

Frigo 2:

This is among the flagship winter tyres by Debica popular among compact and midsize cars owners.

Frigo SUV:

The Frigo SUV is made for 4×4 vehicles to offer the best winter drive and offer impressive grip at the same time.

Frigo HP2:

The Frigo HP2 is a winter tyre designed especially for sports cars and luxury vehicles. 

Tyre Markings To Check

A tyre marking is a set of alphanumeric codes located on the sidewalls to indicate different dimensions of the tyre. The markings are vital for efficiently selecting the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle that suits your driving requirements. The marking on a tyre indicates multiple elements such as load index, height, width etc. By studying all the tyre making before buying. Car owners can make the right decision and protect themselves from any false information. Moreover, even if you are going to consult a tyre expert to buy new tyres. Knowing relevant information about the tyre will help you comprehend the product better. 

There are several markings on the sidewalls that signify different aspects of a tyre:

For example, a tyre with this marking: “ 195 65 R 20”

195: The first three numbers of the tyre code relate to the width. The width gets measured from one sidewall to another in millimetres. Buying a tyre bigger than 195 width means that the unit will be wider. Width is important to check because it will determine the traction as well as fuel efficiency. A wide tyre will be much better for a comfortable drive. But a narrow tyre will be best for impressive fuel efficiency and enhanced turning performance.  

65: The following two digits after the tyre width indicates the aspect ratio. This ratio is measured by calculating the height along with the width of a tyre. If a tyre has an aspect ratio of “65”, then it indicates that the height of the specific tyre is around 65% of the width. If the aspect ratio is higher than 65, then the sidewalls will be higher, and the tyre will be bigger. Moreover, A lower aspect ratio indicates that the tyre has better lateral stability and is commonly used in sports cars. 

R: The first letter on the tyre code indicates the construction type of the tyre. A tyre with the letter R indicates “Radial” construction. This type of construction marking means that the layers inside the tyre run across radially. Other types of construction marking present on tyre sidewalls are “D” for diagonal or “B” for bias belt. 

20: After construction marking, the next two digits relate to the diameter of the car wheel. It is a vital criterion to check because you need to ensure that the tyre will fit perfectly on your wheels. For example, a tyre that comes with a 20-inch diameter means that it can be installed on a wheel of the same dimension. 

Other tyre marking include 

  • The load index: The load index indicates the maximum weight a tyre can carry at its speed index. For example, a tyre that comes with a 90 load index can safely pick weights of up to 1323 lbs.
  • Speed index: This index denotes the maximum speed you can reach with that tyre.
  • SSR: SSR refers to run-flat tyres. 
  • M+S: This sign refers to Mud and Snow. 
  • DOT code: The DOT code reveals information about where and when the tyre got made. 

If you are still in doubt or require any additional information about Cheap Tyres Birmingham, then contact a professional who can suggest the right solution for your vehicle. 

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