How To Fix Kaspersky Blocking Website Issue Complete Guide.

blocking the Website blocked by Kaspersky Application.

The Internet can be said a combination of various websites that have a lot of information. The benefit of the internet is thus by these websites. Many websites provide genuine information and other services benefiting internet users. While the internet is filled with these websites, there are also websites containing harmful malware, that on opening can enter into your device.

Due to this, the antivirus application has added the feature of internet security. One of them is Kaspersky But sometimes Kaspersky Blocking Website.

Kaspersky Blocking Website

Kaspersky blocking websites

There might be many reasons why the application blocks a website. Some of the reasons can be that the website has some security issues. This can be in relation to various issues. Either the security feature of the website or the website has been already hacked. There may also be a case in which the website may contain some malware and the application has detected it, and therefore not opened it.

Finally, Kaspersky also blocks some websites, which are content, which it finds, unhealthy for the user But sometimes it blocks those sites which are used full for us and then we stuck at Kaspersky blocking Website Issue.

How to check if the website is safe?

Kaspersky provides you an option to check whether the website is actually safe or not.

  • All you need to do is copy the link to the website
  • Now open the following link: Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal
  • Select ‘Look up’
  • Paste the Website in the ‘Enter Request Here’ area
  • Select ‘Look up and wait.

Kaspersky will scan the website and provide you with a result stating the condition of the website. If the result is negative, it means that the website might be harmful to your device. Avoid using it to safe from Kaspersky blocking website.

How to unblock a website, that is blocked by Kaspersky?

There are various methods to do so. Use any of the methods and check whether it’s helping. If not, try another method.

Stop kaspersky blocking website

Method 1: Add the website within the Trusted URLs list.

Adding the website to a trusted URLs list means you trust that the website is not harmful. This provides a signal to Kaspersky for not blocking the website.

  • Open your Kaspersky Application
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Choose ‘Protection’
  • Select ‘Web-Antivirus’
  • Click‘Configure Trusted URLs’
  • Then ‘Add’
  • Paste the address of the website
  • Click  ‘Add’

The website will be added to the list

Method 2: Another way to add the website to the trusted list

This is a similar setting to the above. If in any case the above settings don’t work or help in any way, you can continue with this method.

  • Open your Kaspersky Application
  • Go to setting option
  • Select ‘Network Settings’
  • Select ‘Trusted URLs List’
  • Click‘Add’
  • Paste the address of the website
  • Choose ‘Active’
  • Select ‘Add’
  • Click ‘Save’ option
  • press ‘Yes’

Method 3: Disable additional script

Through this method, you can stop Kaspersky from intervein in the process of the website. Be cautious while closing this setting. Only do so if the website is trustworthy. There are also chances of even the trustful applications getting hacked. So, try this method responsibly.

  • Open your Kaspersky Application
  • Select the Settings option
  • Select ‘Network Settings’
  • Uncheck the following option: Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • Select ‘Save’
  • Finally, select ‘Yes’

Method 4: Add the Website to the exclusion list

The exclusion list is the list of websites that are excluded for Kaspersky protection. Excluding the website by adding to the list will unblock the website as Kaspersky won’t have control over it.

  • Open your Kaspersky Application
  • choose the Settings logo
  • Select ‘Protections’
  • Click ‘Web – Antivirus’
  • choose ‘Advanced Settings’
  • click ‘Manage Exclusions’
  • Add the link that you want to exclude from scanning.

Method 7: Unblock the Website for a temporary basis

Unblocking the website on a temporary basis is the best option for those websites which you rarely visit. However, if it is a website that you regularly use, this won’t be a great solution as you will have to do it repetitively.

  • Open the website that is blocked by Kaspersky
  • In the given statement regarding blocking of the website by Kaspersky, select ‘Show Details’
  • Select ‘Wish to Continue’

Method 8: Check if the website is added in the block-list

There might be a case, where the website that you are using, is added to the block-list. Due to this action, the website is being blocked on your browser. Removing it from the blocked list can free the website to work in your browser.

  • Open your Kaspersky Application
  • Select the Settings Icon
  • Choose ‘Protections’
  • Click ‘Anti-Banner’
  • Select ‘Configure Blocked URL’s
  • See if the address of the website is available in the list. If it is there, selects it.
  • Or  ‘Remove’

Note: All these methods are highly unrecommended as there might be a chance that the website is being blocked due to performing some malicious activity. Unblocking it will remove the protective layer that Kaspersky has created to safeguard your computer. Therefore, if an alternative option is available to use, rather than using the website, do so.

If the block continues, contact us through the given info: +1-888-832-1727

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