How To Get Rid Of Oil Build-Up In Your Head Scalp

It is a known fact that hair follicles secrete oil naturally. This oil is used to protect the hair from damage and external conditions. However, sometimes the natural secretion of this oil becomes excessive and causes an accumulation of oil on your scalp that can be difficult to get rid of without proper treatment.

If you want to know how to remove excess oil from your scalp, the best way to start is by washing your hair regularly with shampoos that are specifically formulated for oily hair. Also, rub your head scalp with the help of a scalp massage brush. You can also try using a clarifying shampoo once every week or two weeks. However, if you have tried both these remedies and nothing has worked, there are other ways in which you can get rid of oil on your scalp. To get rid of oil build up in the head, do the following:

Focus On Roots

First of all, instead of lathering your shampoo on your entire mane, focus only on the roots. Why? This is because when you rub shampoo down to your tresses it will remove all the dirt on your scalp making it look even more oily. Rubbing shampoo on your roots is enough to get rid of that excess oil.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

Another tip is to use a hair clarifying shampoo every once in a while. The shampoo is made up of tiny particles that stick on your head scalp and start to build up, so using a clarifying shampoo will help remove them! Apply this shampoo with the hair massage brush to properly get rid of the build-up. If you don’t want to buy any then you can just add baking soda to your regular shampoo instead, it works just as well!

Egg Yolk Pack

Egg yolks are excellent for cleaning oil buildup on your scalp and hair, due to their protein-rich content. Beat an egg yolk well and smooth it over your scalp. Leave for twenty minutes, then wash with shampoo.

Baking Soda

This is another excellent ingredient that can be used to get rid of excess oil on the scalp without damaging the hair shaft. Simply make a thick paste by mixing baking soda in water, and apply this paste to your scalp to get rid of oil build-up. You can also add a tablespoon of your regular shampoo to this paste and mix well. Now, apply the paste on your scalp and gently massage for a few minutes before washing off with warm water.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has excellent moisturizing properties, which is why it works well to remove excess oil from the scalp without completely stripping it of natural oils. It also has antibacterial properties, which help disinfect the area around your hair follicles. Simply break open an aloe vera leaf and smooth over your affected area for about five minutes. Then, wash off with some shampoo.

Use Shampoo Brushes

There is no need for harsh chemical removers that may dry out the scalp or strip away needed oils from the hair. You can purchase shampoo massage brush in most pharmacies or beauty supply stores or online stores. Plastic ones are generally less expensive. Brushing your hair with a shampoo brush before washing helps remove excess oil and product build-up that has accumulated in the head and on strands of hair. You can wash like normal after you have brushed your hair, but you can also use any type of shampoo to get rid of this excess oil when using the shampoo brush.

Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar is an excellent hair ingredient that can help you get rid of excess sebum from both your scalp and hair. The acidic nature of vinegar helps balance the pH level of your hair and scalp, which in turn removes all dirt and excess oil effectively. Simply add some vinegar in the final rinse cycle when you are washing your hair. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water, and wash your hair with this solution for best results.

Lemon Juice Rinse

Lemon juice is another ingredient that can be used to remove excess oil from your hair and scalp. Since lemon juice has bleaching properties, it is an excellent solution for people who color their hair regularly. Also, the acidic nature of lemon juice helps balance the pH level of the scalp, which prevents dandruff breakouts. However, if you have a sensitive skin type, you should dilute lemon juice with water before using it to wash your hair. And remember to rinse the lemon juice off thoroughly, as it can make your scalp dry. You should wash your hair with a shampoo and scrub it with a massage brush to remove the lemon traces. 

Final Words

It’s important to get rid of oil build-up because it can cause hair problems such, as scalp acne which nobody wants, so try out these quick fixes and minimize your hair problems!

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