How To Get Rid of Yellow Stains in Bathtubs?

Stubborn stains in your bathtub are a source of irritation, and they are mainly produced by mineral deposits left behind by hard water usage. The stain’s color will be determined by the minerals and chemicals in your water. Whatever the reason for the scars, here’s how to get rid of them permanently and effectively.

Causes of the stained bathtub:

Even though most people clean their bathtubs regularly, stains may still catch individuals off guard. Spots like these often appear in the corners, around the borders, and even around the bathtub.

This staining will only get worse if you don’t address the underlying problem. What should produce yellow stains in a bathtub? Let’s find out.

Hard water:

The leading cause of yellow stains in your toilet, the bathtub, is hard water. These issues are more likely to arise if your town is located in a wetland.

Minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium are abundant in hard water. Because of these minerals, the bathtub will turn yellow.


When water has an excessive amount of iron, it can have adverse health effects. It also discolors the bathtub, leaving yellow streaks behind. The iron may be there because of faulty water pipes. The bathtub’s look will progressively deteriorate, and yellow stains will form if it is often exposed to iron.

Tannins in water:

Tannins in water have the potential to turn the surface yellow. Water that has been exposed to rotting organic waste will become contaminated. Bathtub stains might develop as a result of using hard water regularly.

stained bathtub cleaning:

The experience of bathing in a dirty bathtub will not be pleasant. Even though it seems to be clean and neat, a soiled bathtub holds hundreds of bacteria.

For this reason, a lot of people are looking for solutions to clean discolored bathtubs. A clean tub not only gives a healthy bathing experience but also adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom. As a result, you must clean it at least once a week.

The cleaning procedure is straightforward and quite efficient. DIY enthusiasts most commonly use this approach to maintain their bathrooms clean. Here are some tips on how to seek yellow stain treatment at home.

Following ingredients will be needed for the process:

  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • White vinegar.
  • A dry abrasive cleanser.

You will also require the following equipment:

  • A sponge is used in this instance.
  • The use of a spray bottle
  • Brush for cleaning the bathroom

Use Vinegar

In a spray bottle, combine vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide. Here it is: your homemade acrylic bathtub cleaning solution is ready to use.

Before utilizing the most delicate cleaning approach, you must know what sort of stain you are dealing with—the presence of iron stains the bathtub surface a reddish-brown color. Black dots are the result of the sulfur bacterium.

Human oil can turn the bathtub yellow, but you can easily remove it off the top. Using water with a low pH or water that is too acidic might result in bathtub stains. These blemishes are frequently seen as rust-colored patches.

This post’s bathtub cleaning solution is effective on a wide range of stains. The only thing left to learn is how to clean acrylic bathtubs thoroughly.

  • Using a spray bottle, apply the cleaning solution to the tub’s surface.
  • Wait another 20 minutes with this combination still on.
  • After 20 minutes, use a clean sponge or a regular sponge to scrub the whole bathtub.
  • The worst stains may be removed using a brush.
  • All of your bathtub’s discolorations will be removed, and it will look like new again.
  • To get rid of the cleaning solution and any stains, fill the bathtub with warm water and give it a good scrub.

Now that your bathtub has been thoroughly cleaned, you may relax in it and unwind.

Steps to remove stain from bathtub:

You don’t need to go out and buy anything to get rid of yellow stains in the bathtub. White vinegar works wonders on these kinds of colors. To get rid of yellow vinegar stains, follow these steps:

  • Fill a spray container halfway with the aqueous solution you just made.
  • Use a spray bottle to apply white vinegar to the whole bathtub surface.
  • Please wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then scrub the tub with a sponge or towel to make it sparkle again.

Stains that are hard and yellow, like mustard, are more difficult to remove. Apply vinegar to the affected area repeatedly until the desired outcome is achieved. If you’re still unsure about how to get stains out of an acrylic bathtub, give this do-it-yourself guide a go.

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Use Baking Soda

In addition to salt, baking soda is a common household item. To get rid of stubborn yellow stains, follow these steps.

  • In a dish, combine 2 tbsp. Baking soda with water.
  • To form a thick paste, mix one tablespoon water and one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide.
  • Hard yellow spots can be treated with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Do not use the DIY cleaning solution until the yellow stains have been loosened, at least 15 minutes.
  • After using a sponge to wipe up the afflicted area, rinse the bathtub thoroughly with fresh water.

Use lemons to keep your bathtub clean if you don’t have white vinegar or baking soda on hand.

  • Two lemons should be squeezed, and one teaspoon of salt should be added.
  • Apply the solution to the afflicted areas using a brush now.
  • Bathtubs should be cleaned with fresh water after a 20-30 minute wait.

In addition to removing yellow spots, this washing agent is also quite effective at eliminating other types of discoloration. It may not be able to remove stubborn stains from your bathtub that have been there for a long time.

How can I whiten my yellow tub?

Fill a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and use it as a disinfectant. After letting the solution remain for 10 to 15 minutes, use a moist sponge to clean the tub. This procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary to remove the yellow stain.

When cleaning an acrylic tub, can you use bleach?

Numerous people have used bleach to clean an acrylic tub despite the manufacturer’s prohibition. To develop a gentler solution for cleaning bathtubs, they mixed bleach and water. They had no issues with the bleach, and their bathtub was spotless afterward!


You should now be aware of how to remove stains from an acrylic bathtub. Cleaning other acrylic goods with the same cleaning materials and procedures should yield similar results.

As a result, experiment with a homemade cleaning solution to address filthy areas in your bathtub. You will save money while also having the stains cleaned promptly.

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