How To Get The Best Custom Zoom Meeting Backdrops

It seems that video calls have become the norm for business owners throughout the past few years. Are you one of the many who continue to conduct meetings using video? Maybe you’re struggling with keeping your videos professional and sharp. Whether your want to stand out from the crowd or simply improve your current look, webcam backgrounds might be the solution you need. Block out the messy room behind you, provide a barrier from your office to the rest of your home, or simply add company branding – custom Zoom meeting backdrops are an excellent way to add a little extra oomph to your video calls.

It was okay for everyone to have a casual backdrop during their Zoom meetings when the lockdown first started. But eventually, companies realized the importance of adopting a professional look. Also, the relaxed attitude towards these meetings affected the work environment during most of them, and many people started using custom zoom meeting backdrops to add a formal touch. 

Why Use Custom Zoom Meeting Backdrops?

Instead of using virtual backdrops for Zoom meetings, we recommend investing in physical displays that promote your sincerity towards your company’s values and brand. For example, when a tall backdrop is in front of the laptop’s camera, it’s noticeable for the person on the other side. It might be an employee or a client. Regardless, it can show your professionalism. Moreover, you can boost your company’s branding with custom Zoom meeting backdrops. 

Here are some other great benefits of using custom backdrops for your virtual meetings:

Boost Brand Recognition

Zoom meetings where you are the lead will give you a chance to be displayed more often than others. In addition, if the meeting has many participants, you can use this opportunity to promote brand awareness by using custom Zoom meeting backdrops. 

Conceal Your Personal Space

If your personal space is not as neat as one would expect, then naturally, you wouldn’t want your coworkers or clients to see that. However, with custom backdrops, you can simultaneously hide your personal space and promote your company’s brand. 

Creative Visual Presence 

With the office being shifted to a virtual environment, most of the work gets done using Zoom meetings. However, if you’re bored of looking at simple backgrounds day in and day out, custom backdrops can save the day! You can use various styles of office and home backdrops to keep people interested. 

Tips For Implementing A Video-Optimized Office Space

Whether you decide to use a backdrop from Lush banners or implement your own backdrop, there are a few ways to ensure your space is optimized for video. First, start by setting up your desk and computer where the best lighting is, where you look the best. Then, think about how you look on video and test out the lighting before deciding on the layout. 

Once you’ve identified your key light, add points of interest to your background. This could mean a custom video background or a wall of your favorite knick-knacks and images. You could also attractively stage furniture or set it up in front of a neat display. However, we suggest keeping it minimal to detract from your video. Don’t add too much light to your background, as it could detract from the light you want to put on your face. 

Get These Custom Home and Office Backdrops

At Lush Banners, we have various styles of custom Zoom meeting backdrops to adorn your corporate or home office. They are wrinkle-free no-glare fabric backdrops with an aluminum frame to enhance your virtual meeting experiences. 

Step and Repeat Backdrop

They are used as photo backdrops with adjustable height and width. They can be extended to 16ft using extension kits. 

Tension Fabric Displays

They are seamless and lightweight backdrops. They come in various shapes, like a footed arch, s-shape, circle, etc. Tension fabric displays can provide a modern and sleek look for an office meeting with affordable pricing. 

Pop Up Displays

They are custom printed displays for conferences and events. The fabric is UV resistant so that they can be used efficiently for outdoor setups too. 

Fabric Banner Stands

These are quick-setup custom Zoom meeting backdrops with easy pop-up and retract design. Moreover, they are portable with a limited lifetime warranty on premium displays. 

Retractable Backdrops

These are retractable banner stands with standard, premium, or magnetic models. They are printed on polyester fabric graphics used with top-quality frames. 

Final Thoughts

As the world is preferring a virtual or hybrid work environment, it’s becoming more and more important to formally organize Zoom meetings. You can achieve that goal by professionally promoting your brand using custom backdrops. 

The most obvious solution to optimizing your office for Zoom meetings is to create an office space that looks good on video. However, the best-case scenario is that you already have a beautiful video setup that looks great in person and on camera. Unfortunately, this takes a decent amount of work that many people don’t have the time for! 

Plus, you’ll have to ensure that you have a room that is entirely yours, without the risk of someone walking through it or things you might not want to be seen behind you. This means you’ll have to have your office or office background clean and organized at a moment’s notice. Lush Banners’ custom Zoom meeting backdrop eliminates this need and makes those last-minute video meetings easy.

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