How to Hit Better Iron Shots

Hit Better Iron Shots

One of the motives golf is such a complex game is that it requires different shots. It makes sense; you should learn to drive it straight off the tee when you hit it. Your ball should be in the hole as soon as you are near the green. Dreaming of your approach at or near the green would be best.

As well as managing your emotions, it would help if you contend with the weather, course conditions, and your playing partners. There is no denying that scoring well and playing regularly are two very different things. 

Steps for Better Iron Shots

When you’re ready to improve your golf ball striking, here is a step-by-step guide.

Record Your Swing 

You should film your swing and compare it to the mistakes mentioned above. With videos, you can check if your target line is correct, if your right arm bends and left shoulder turns, etc. It would help if you established a baseline before changing your swing.

Always Use a Tee

On par 3s, I occasionally play with golfers who do not tee up irons for whatever reason. I believe most players make this mistake.

You’re giving yourself the most significant chance of success when you tee up and get the ball off the ground. Tiger Woods says in his book that even for wedge shots on par 3s, he tees it up.

In the company’s opinion, it’s essential to ensure solid contact. I trust it will work for you, too, if it works for one of the best iron players on the planet.

Technical Practices of Drilling

You may need to perform a few drills to create new habits in your swing. Using irons, you can add distance to the ball and hit it more consistently with these five drills.

Drilling fence posts (at home or on the range)

This drill can ensure your head remains in the correct position throughout your swing. Furthermore, it does not require fancy golf gadgets to function.

You are seated on a fence post, so your head does not dip during takeout. In the mirror, place your arms crosswise over your chest at home. Turn your shoulders back while looking at yourself without a club.

You should maintain the exact position of your head during your backswing. Alternatively, you can apply tape to the mirror so that your head remains in the same position.  

Lateral Slide Drill

The shots are left and right, so your backward movement is probably too literal. Although you can rotate your head a little (the best players rotate one to three inches), do not let your body slide. 

Weight Transfer Drill 

You should try this drill if you have difficulty keeping your weight on your back leg when playing golf. You need a mid-iron and a sand wedge to get started.

Towel Drill

You can use this drill if you need to reset your ball and your team is disorganized. As a result, your upper body will feel connected, and you will become more proficient at hitting pure irons.

Master Your Distances

It would be best if you also learn your distances to make the most of your mid-game. With so much technology available, it should be possible to determine how far each iron travels.

You can learn the distance each ball goes by using a launch monitor. You should log the distances for each club in a note on your phone. You’ll swing more confidently on the course and have a better chance at birdies.

With the shorter ball, you may maintain more control over the greens. This will depend on your priorities. Whenever I work with a golfer who wants a longer distance, I check the ball he is using and have him test it. It could be a difference of 4-10 yards if they gain 2-4 mph by changing their golf ball.

Bonus Tip 

Even with all these tips, you should never forget to use technology to improve your golf swing. More specifically, you should use hybrids in place of long irons.

If you do not love the distance or forgiveness of these clubs, you should opt for hybrids. Striking long irons do not make golf any more challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a golf iron do?

It is most common to use irons as golf clubs. A characteristic of these clubs is the thin head, and the spin set directly at the clubface.

What is the purpose of an iron shot?

However, the goal of an iron shot is to hit the golf ball in the midsection of the face. The moment of impact of your golf swing takes place before the low point. This distinction should be made when discussing how to hit irons since many golfers tend to get confused with this whole down/up thing.

What’s wrong with my golf irons?

Odds of hitting a solid shot. As my body gets closer to the ball, my performance decreases. My chances of hitting some solid shots decrease as my body gets farther behind the ball. The closer my body is to the golf ball, the greater my chances of hitting a solid shot.

Final Thoughts  

You are a great ball driver, and you should master your irons since you know how frustrating it is to hit great drives so that the score doesn’t match. 

Putting your irons on the back burner isn’t the answer. It’s time to focus on them so that the changes you want to make will become a reality. Don’t continue to hit fine drives only to bogey or make par by neglecting your iron game.

Even though working on a few of these techniques isn’t as exciting as firing drivers at the range, it is essential. Use these tips and drills to give yourself more opportunities to shoot lower scores.  


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