How To Make An Emergency Action Plan

The phrase “emergency safety plan” or “action plan” you can use in security recommendations or safety guidelines. What is an emergency plan? How do you create one? 

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  • What is an Emergency Action Plan?
  • What is included in an Emergency Action Plan?
  • What should a personal emergency evacuation plan contain?
  • What are the main benefits of an emergency action plan?
  • What is the purpose of an emergency action plan?
  • How to Make an Emergency Action Plan
  • How to Write an Emergency Action Plan
  • The Take-Away

What Is An Emergency Action Plan?

An emergency plan describes what should happen at a workplace or venue if there is an emergency. It also outlines how staff should respond to the situation and the steps they need to take to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

This plan can be used in many different places, such as a business emergency plan or construction site emergency plan.

What Is Included In An Emergency Action Plan?

Emergency Action Plans should contain detailed instructions on how to deal with many kinds of emergencies. You should share the plan with security staff and ensure every one informs.

What Should An Emergency Plan Contain?

  • How to raise an emergency alarm
  • Evacuation procedures, including crowd management
  • Identify emergency exits and signs – including the appropriate emergency lighting compatible with Canada standards.
  • After an emergency evacuation, identification of safe gathering places
  • Fire blankets and fire extinguishers are available for emergency response on-site
  • Individual Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP) for people with disabilities
  • Plans for first aid and medical assistance
  • Before the emergency services arrive on the scene, make a note who is responsible in case of an emergency.

The Purpose Of An Emergency Action Plan

What should a personal emergency evacuation plan contain? Create an individual emergency plan to assist those needing extra help in emergencies.

This could be someone who is disabled or has a medical condition that makes it more difficult to escape an emergency.

The plan should outline evacuation routes and other evacuation aids, such as evac chairs. It is crucial to highlight refuge areas so that individuals know where they can gather.

Staff may also be needed to assist with evacuation. They will need to receive training. This plan should also identify any building adaptations that may be necessary.

What Are The Benefits Of An Emergency Action Plan?

An emergency plan has the essential advantage of preventing anyone from any danger. Fast thinking and strict procedures can reduce damage to company assets like stock, buildings, or expensive equipment.

The quicker an emergency can be managed. The sooner business can return to normal.

What Is The Purpose Of An Emergency Action Plan? 

An emergency plan is a set of procedures that allow you to respond to an emergency quickly. Ensure that anyone in danger is evacuated while emergency services arrive. The plan also addresses how you will handle injuries and protect company assets.

How To Make An Emergency Action Plan

If you’re looking for ways to structure an emergency plan, you should look at examples of emergency plans. You can find many emergency plan templates online. Your security company may be able to help you with an emergency plan checklist.

Including security guards in the writing process is crucial if you have them. They must train to spot any safety and health issues and how to deal with emergencies.

How To Write An Emergency Action Plan

It is crucial to answering the following questions when creating an emergency plan. This will ensure you have covered all essential points.

  • Are you aware of the types of emergencies that you might face?
  • What alarm or detection systems should use to detect emergencies?
  • How would you evacuate the employees and members from this building?
  • Are there signs indicating emergency exits and emergency lighting when needed?
  • Is there a safe place to gather staff after an evacuation?
  • How secure is your location?
  • Is there any first aid available at the site?

Do you have a personal emergency evacuation plan that can help anyone in need?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on where you work or the event.

For example, machinery risks will be listed in a construction emergency plan. This would not be true for retail environments.

Once you have made the plan, share it with all employees and security personnel. Sharing the program with emergency services and venue management may be worthwhile if you host a significant event.


Not only are emergency action plans required by law, but they also provide a way for businesses to plan how they will respond in various situations to ensure their staff’s safety.

Training security guards is a great way to ensure your plan is solid. A List Security expert staff can help you identify and plan how to mitigate these risks. Contact us today to learn more – our business is protecting your business.

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