How to Make Your Christmas Merrier

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Choose a few gifts that will make you happier

If you want to have a happier Christmas, you should choose a few gifts that will make you happier.

It sounds obvious. But it’s not so easy to do. Most of us give and receive presents for reasons that have little to do with happiness. We give presents because we feel obligated, or because we feel the need to compete with others, or because we’re shopping for status, or because it is fun to see what other people find amusing. Or sometimes just because it is fun to shop for things.

Though the purpose of Christmas isn’t to get more presents. It’s to have a fun time together with people you like. If you’re shopping for someone else, ask yourself whether the gift would contribute to that goal.

The best gifts are ones that help someone have a better experience. That can be something useful or it can be something enjoyable. You want to make sure the gift giver sees the benefit, too, so they’ll enjoy opening it, using it, or whatever.

But even if they won’t see the benefit until later, it’s still a good gift as long as you are confident that it will make your recipient happier in some way that matters to them.

If you’re shopping for yourself, ask yourself what kind of Christmas makes you happiest.

Keep things simple

One way to cut down the stress of making your Christmas merry is to have a simple plan. Do it step by step.

The best approach to simplifying Christmas is chronological: simplify the order in which you do things. If you do this, don’t forget that time is not the only dimension of complexity. There is also complexity in the number of people involved, and in how directly they are involved.

For example, if you can’t afford a fancy turkey for Christmas dinner, you can still have a nice meal if you invite fewer people over to share it with. This reduces the number of people involved, and thus the complexity.

You can further reduce that complexity by serving each course individually rather than having everyone sit down at once. This reduces the temporal dimension of complexity, since not everyone has to be there for every course.

Make no more to-do lists this Christmas

Making to-do lists is a bad way to get things done. It is especially bad when applied to Christmas, or any other annual ritual that combines the need for last minute preparation with the possibility of panic. Making a list in advance can help you get ready, but making one during the rush just adds extra stress.

First of all, you are trying to force yourself into an unnatural schedule. You will be doing most of the shopping and cooking and wrapping after work, rather than on weekends or during evenings when you have more energy.

But this is exactly backwards; all the most joyful parts of Christmas happen at night! And if it’s not fun, why do it? (This year I’m taking my own advice and having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.)

Second, by making a list, you are emphasizing how much there is to do rather than how much fun there will be when you’re done. The joy of the present opening is in seeing how much someone loves you; if you’re focused on what’s left to do before they arrive, you will miss out on the best part.

So after reading this article, what are you planning for your Christmas party? Are you going to spend your Christmas with friends or along with your family. if you are married then you can spend your time with your wife and Childs. In this holy festival you must get prayer from your parents also.

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