How to Resolve Insufficient Memory in a PostScript Printer error

Printer devices have become essential gadgets for business and home use. You can easily get hard copies of documents, files, notes, etc. New printer models provide a simple interface with easy installation. The user has to configure the printer and use it simply. But sometimes, the printer starts showing insufficient memory in postscript errors. You can inspect certain causes for troubleshooting the Postscript Printer Error.

Reasons Behind Insufficient Memory in a Postscript Printer Error

  1. Printer files are not working
  2. Your driver starts showing an error
  3. Lots of pending jobs
  4. Stuck print job on the queue
  5. The printer is unable to receive a valid print job

Troubleshooting Printer Memory in a Postscript Printer Error

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

When the printer starts showing memory error, run the printer troubleshooter. You can face the error when some printer files stop working. To fix those files, you can run the printer troubleshooter. Go to the connected computer and open the Update and Security tab. Now click on the printer troubleshooter and run it. The tool will start checking for printer related corrupted files. It will fix those files and then you can check the report page. After repairing those files, go to the printer and check for memory errors.

Restart the Computer

If the user is getting a memory error due to corrupted services then restart the printer. When you add a new print job, printer services stop working sometimes and show the error. For starting those services, the user can restart the printer. Don’t use the printer power button for restarting. When the printer is working, remove its power cable. Now when you connect the cable again, the printer must start automatically. All printer services will run from the beginning and start taking printouts.

Restart the Print Spooler

When you get the supply memory error, try restarting the print spooler. Memory error appears when the print spooler is not working correctly. 

  1. Use Run bar and open services.msc
  2. Scroll and select Print Spooler
  3. Tap on Restart the Service
  4. The system will try to run the service

When the spooler shows Running status, the print spooler has started working. Go to the computer and send a new print command and check for memory-related errors.

Repair the Printer Driver

Any issues with the printer driver can also lead to memory-related errors. The user should inspect the printer application for fixing the error. But you can’t repair the driver files manually without any tool. Try using a driver repair tool that can fix all driver files on the system. Otherwise, uninstall the corrupted driver and use a new one. Go to your computer and uninstall your corrupted driver. Download the new printer set up and now run your printer. If the memory error was occurring due to the driver; now it will start working. 

Remove Stuck Print Job

While printing, sometimes the print job gets stuck and the printer stops working. You have to remove the stuck job and then resend it. 

  1. Go to the Run bar and open services.msc
  2. Check for print spooler and right-click on it
  3. Hit on the Stop button
  4. Now go Spool\Printers tab and remove all the files
  5. Restart the print spooler and now you can send a new print job for taking printouts.
Reset the Printer Settings

If the printer memory is empty but it is still showing an error then try resetting it. Sometimes, the memory can’t clear itself even after printing jobs. Due to this, the printer can’t receive new jobs and the user gets a memory error. To repair the error, you can reset the printer. On the printer, tap the setup button. Click on Reset and select the Reset All option. Now, wait until the printer device gets reset completely. After resetting, configure the printer again to your PC. Set a password for your printer and then send a print command. Go to the printer and check the screen for memory-related errors.

Run a Malware Scan

For fixing the memory-related error; you can inspect the network and PC. On network printing, make sure the network is secure. If your printer is on an open network; disconnect it. Check for a secure network and reconnect the printer. On PC connection, check for malware infection. Remove the malware and then check for printer related errors.


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