How to Save Others Instagram Stories

Instagram is definitely a very famous way to share images with friends and family. Instagram, on the other hand, released a new function called Instagram Stories back in August of 2016. People can share videos and photographs with their friends that will automatically disappear after 24 hours if they use the Instagram Stories feature.

Instagram, to be sure, would not be the first social media platform to introduce such a function. That social media platform to introduce it at first was Snapchat. Furthermore, the IG Stories is Now live and You can access this website to download Insta Stories anonymously. Instagram Stories feature is a pull of the Snapchat Stories function. Although it is a clone, we still enjoy this function because it allows us to share various experiences from our day-to-day lives with our friends.


It displays in the Stories bar which is situated at the head of your feed, it appears when people you follow posts an Instagram Story with you. Those Stories can be viewed as several times as you would like before they are removed, and you can respond to them by sending them to the original person posted them using Direct Messages if you so choose to. Insta Stories works best.

However, there is currently no way that can save other people Insta Stories to your smartphone. Because there is no such choice in the Instagram official application. After all, you can always grab a screenshot or you can use screen recording feature of your smart phone. But doing so may land you in trouble with Instagram, and this is because Instagram now notifies users whenever anyone screenshots or records their Stories.

So, what is the best way to save other people Instagram Stories? Take a look at the details below and you’ll get a better understanding of how to accomplish this goal. Also, don’t forget to utilize Insta Stories.

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Instagram Stories

How to save the stories of others on Instagram

Step 1: In order to save other people’s Insta Stories on your device, you must first install the “Story Saver” software from the Google Play Store. Or, the above mentioned InstaStories app.

Step 2: Next, launch the Story Saver app and log by using your Instagram account credentials.

3rd step: Once you’ve signed into the Story Saver application with Insta account, you’ll be presented with a list of all the profiles that you followed and that have posted Instagram Stories. now, yo save those Instagram Stories to your phone. Simply click on their name, and you will get all of their Instagram Stories (picture or video) displayed in a systematic form on your screen.

Simply select one from those Instagram Stories and afterwards select ‘Save’ from the drop-down menu. Immediately after clicking “Save,” the Instagram Story will indeed be saved to your phone. It will be stored in a folder on your smartphone named StorySaver. You will now be able to access the saved Instagram Story through the Gallery application on your phone or Google Photos.

On the other hand, InstaStories is also very feasible. To save other people’s Insta Stories to your phone, follow the steps outlined above. Not only that, but you could also save Instagram Stories of users which you don’t follow. In addition to the profiles of the people you follow. Another application for this purpose in InstaStories, you can use this application anytime you want. This can be accomplished by selecting the ‘Search’ icon, which can be found in the upper corner of the program.


You will, however, need to key in the correct Instagram user name in order for the search to produce any results;. Otherwise, there will be no results. Furthermore, even if you key in the right Instagram user name. You would only see Insta Stories if the account holder has posted any.

However, even if you understand it now to how to save other people’s Instagram Stories on your phone. We expect that you will take precautions when downloading someone else’s Instagram Stories onto your device. Particularly if you’re doing that without their prior consent.

Furthermore, we actively discourage anyone from saving other people’s Instagram Stories for malicious purposes. Of course, utilizing this strategy to save Instagram Stories that are amusing or educational should have no negative consequences.

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