How to Secure Video On Demand Streaming Content From Piracy?

VOD Piracy has become a huge issue for broadcasters and content owners. Piracy has made it difficult for these owners to make real money from the hard work they put in to share exclusive VOD content. In order to view free movies, online video piracy made it easy to access such content. With illegal downloading and sharing of movie content before the release date, content owners are losing not just money but also the control of driving revenue on their VOD streaming platform

An online resource revealed, ‘’the amount of revenue lost to piracy has skyrocketed from US$6.7 billion in 2010 to nearly US$31.8 billion last year. The figure will hit nearly US$52 billion in 2022.’’

The source further stated, ‘’The US lost the most to online piracy in 2016 – US$8.9 billion – and will remain the most impacted in 2022 when US$11.6 billion is predicted to disappear.’’

Thankfully, video-on-demand piracy can be easily eliminated. This blog covers all the essential tips to help content owners and broadcasters like you secure your VOD streaming platform

Top 3 Cause of VOD Piracy

There are many reasons why VOD piracy is on the high.

The common reason is access to content without paying a huge amount of waiting for a long time for it to be accessible. Apart from this, there are other three reasons for the cause of VOD piracy.

  • Lesser Budget

For movie lovers, not everyone will be able to continue subscribing to services. 

With the rise in prices, these movie lovers would highly appreciate a convenient way of not paying money to access the content. Thus here is when VOD piracy comes into play.

These movie lovers would go on to access VOD content from websites that allow free downloads saving up their costs. 

  • Accessing an account without payment

Did you know that using someone else’s account without paying for the service contributes to VOD piracy?

The agenda of VOD platform is to get users to subscribe to the services offered. 

But if you are just accessing the account without paying for it, you fall under the category of committing piracy issues since this is exactly what pirated users are doing. 

  • Dependency on illegal websites

If you search online, there are multiple illegal websites available. 

One of the most familiar and popular ones is Torrent.

Here users can find all the latest movies and download them for free rather than having to pay for a VOD platform. 

7 Ways To Curb Online VOD Piracy

There are multiple types of illegal content distribution systems. To name a few are Cam, web downloads, DVDs, etc.

However, VOD piracy can be prevented by following certain steps. We have covered them all below:

1. Enforce single sign-ins

Avoid the medium of account sharing.

This only opens more opportunities for hackers to find your credentials and sell them to the dark web.

Enforce more single signs ins so that when you’re using the account, no one else can. 

2. Conduct video encryption

Encryption is one of the strongest forms of security.

With encryption apart from the real user, no one will be aware of what the password is.

Video encryption is now possible such as HLS encryption, AES- 128 encryption, etc. 

3. Safeguard encryption keys (DRM)

DRM stands for Digital rights management.

While encryption is present, there have been instances where visibility of encryption keys is present.

Thus to block all such possibilities using a DRM can help any unauthorized access towards these keys. 

4. Use third-party hosting services

Using a third-party hosting service can help to conduct secure hosting. 

If you consider third-party hosting, ensure they provide high-end security, video analytics, and more. 

5. Restrict IP addresses

IP addresses give away the location of the user.

Thus if you limit the IP addresses, those countries will not be able to access the best VOD platforms.

For instance, if you block any IP address usage from countries outside India, those users won’t be able to access the VOD streaming platform. 

6. Add watermarks on content

Always have a watermark in the content you exhibit.

This makes it difficult for piracy owners to exhibit their content without eliminating it. 

7. Limit watch time

Limiting watch time based on user behavior can help avoid account sharing. 

The lesser this action is conducted, the more content owners and broadcasters can benefit from new subscriptions. 


VOD piracy will still require some more years to eliminate its footprints. 

As the online world continues to grow, this issue will linger till there is a permanent solution to tackle it. 

Thus with the precautions suggested above, you can still restore the security of your VOD streaming platform. Apart from this, invest in a video-on-demand platform provider as they offer great security features that can help you conduct secure VOD services. 

So tell us, when do you plan to get started?

Which precaution will you get started with first?

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