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Process: Setting Up Microsoft Office with

Today’s era can be said as a technological era. We have seen many technological innovations that have made our life easier than ever before. One of such greater innovations that impacted many lives is the innovations happening in computers. These have made them a part of our daily lives. One such part of a computer that makes life better is the programs that are available. Today, the programs are the main players in the market. Today we discuss how to setup Microsoft office with the

Office as a program has been part of the Microsoft package for a very long time. It was a revolutionary product when it came to the market at that point in time. Since then, these have always been considered as an important element within the device. Currently, there have been many companies replicating the office model, but they almost look like a cheap copied version of the original one.

This is because Microsoft has kept its product always ahead of time. It is known to bring innovations that take us further in time. Today, Office comes with various applications which include the initial ones as well as the newer ones, that were developed according to the modern customer need.

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To add Microsoft Office to your device, you will require the following things in

E-mail Address: It is one of the important things that will be required while setting up an account. It must be the id that, you currently have access to. All the important messages while installing and after installing will be communicated through this E-mail Address.

Product Key Code: This is the code that you obtain while purchasing Office through a retailer or through the official or any other website. If you are a previous user of the application and want to reinstall it, then you will need this code that’s also known as If you don’t know where is code, do so:

Go to the Microsoft website. If you haven’t signed in, within this device, do so by selecting the Sign-in option and adding the details.

  • Select ‘Order history’
  • Within the ‘Show’ option, select ‘All’
  • Within ‘Ordered within’ option, select ‘All available’
  • The order will load. Select ‘View Product Key/Install’

Redeeming code with

Now that you have the code, you need to redeem it.

code with

  • This process will take place on the following website:
  • Firstly, paste the above website in your browser’s address bar.
  • Here, you will see a list of instructions opening, which will be as follows:
  1. Enter Product Key
  2. Let’s Setup your Account
  3. Tell us about Yourself
  4. Create your Business Identity
  5. Set-up recurring billing
  • Read the given instructions and complete the process
  • Select ‘Next’ after the completion of each process to get into the new ones.
  • This will finally redeem the code

Steps: Downloading

As the redeeming process is done, the keycode will work efficiently for the downloading process. Some users tend to skip the above process which might cause a problem, otherwise, the whole process works fine.

  • Open the Website: Microsoft 365 (
  • Select ‘Sign In’
  • Enter the E-mail Address
  • Press on the ‘Next button
  • Enter the Password
  • Again press, ‘Next’
  • Type the Product Code
  • Select ‘Next’
  • choose your Country in the first option
  • find your Language in the second
  • Press the ‘Next Button
  • Read and choose whether to enable or disable this option.
  • Press ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Install’

Steps: Installing

Installing depends upon the operating system you have been using. As the operating systems are different and have different security features to safeguard the device and itself, the installation process depends on these variations For a User of the Android operating system

  • Start the ‘File Explorer’
  • Choose the ‘Downloads’ Icon
  • Right-click on the ‘Office Setup’ File
  • Select ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Press the ‘Yes’ button
  • On the screen, all the applications will install one-by-one. Select ‘Close’ when it’s done.

For the User of the Mac operating system

  • Select ‘Downloads’ from the taskbar
  • choose the Office Application file
  • click‘Continue’
  • Read the terms and conditions and press ‘Agree’
  • Select ‘Install’
  • Press the ‘Close Button’
  • Finally, select ‘Keep’

Additional Information

  • The Applications can also be installed on your phones by downloading them through the Play Store/App Store. After Installing, they will ask for some account details. Add them and use the application.
  • If you are using a business account, you must log in to the admin website. Here, the options are available to let the employees use the account under your control.
  • If you have purchased for the family, you can simply share your product keycode and tell them to follow the above procedure.
  • If any doubt, contact us

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