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How to Stop Kaspersky from blocking program

Kaspersky Antivirus Software detects and removes all types of malware from your computer. You are also protected from dangerous websites and emails through scanning. It also comes with incredible additional features such as a VPN. It is affordable and fast, which is why so many people switch to it from their old software.

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Stop Kaspersky from blocking program

Kaspersky can be fantastic at protecting you from threats, but it can be annoying when it restricts a software or website that you want to use. People become frustrated when they are unable to obtain it.

When it comes to antivirus security, everyone would prefer a solution that works so effectively right out of the box that they can ignore it until the license expires. Meanwhile, despite everything, they continue to expect flawless security.

Why does Kaspersky block Programs/Software/Applications?

No matter what you call it, program, software, or application. All of these are the same. A program is usually used to improve a person’s computer experience. These programs can be used to do everything from basic calculations, surfing the internet, and even detecting viruses like Kaspersky. Why does it block a Program?

Kaspersky, as I mentioned before, is an amazing piece of software. It does this to stop the threat from that program. Kaspersky blocks your program from making changes to your device if it sees it. This is a sign that there could be a danger. It could be malicious software that you accidentally downloaded or software that you have installed intentionally on your device. It will block both.


If you are unsure, the software could be dangerous. It is best to delete the program from your computer. If you feel that the program is unsafe or necessary to be installed, please follow the steps below.

Stop Kaspersky from blocking program

How to stop Kaspersky blocking a program For the Older Version

  • Find your application file by searching the internet
  • Note its exact location
  • Open your Kaspersky App. You will find it in the taskbar if you’re a Windows user, like me.
  • Select the “Settings” option, then click on “Additional”.
  • You will need to choose the ‘Threats & Exclusion’ option.
  • It will contain ‘Configure Exclusion Guidelines’ . Choose the option.
  • Select ‘Add New Exclusion Rules’.
  • Click on Browse to go to the location you’ve noted. Select the file.
  • It will then give you options to unblock. Take the time to read the instructions and then check the options in the ‘Protection Component.
  • Click

The Newer Version Of Kaspersky Internet security 

The process to block Kaspersky from blocking a program will remain the same in the newer version. There won’t be a ‘Configure Exclusion rules’ option. You will now find ‘Manage Exclusions’, which is nearly the same. You can follow the steps above after selecting it.

Notes to be taken:- Some versions might not have the option to add an additional option by clicking on “Settings”. If this is the case, you’ll find “Threats and Exclusion” directly.

What happens if the Exclusion Method doesn’t work?

If the method is not working after you’ve tried it, disable protection and go through those steps again. These steps can be used as well:

Stop Kaspersky from blocking program

  • To do this, go to the settings section in your Kaspersky Application
  • You can also choose the “General” option.
  • This section is called Interactive Protection. Check the setting below.

Additional Information To Stop Kaspersky from blocking program

Here’s a quick way to remove a Kaspersky block from your website.

  • You can find The Kaspersky Icon in your Computer Taskbar. Click it
  • Select the ‘Settings” option
  • You will find the ‘Anti-Banner” in the Protection Column.
  • After you’ve done that, select the “Configure blocked URLs” option
  • You see the URL. You just need to click on the URL that you wish to unblock.
  • Choose the option to delete it. You can choose that option.

These solutions may help you solve the problem. If you have any other issues or are unable to solve the problem, contact Kaspersky Helpline. They will be able to help you.

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