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Improve the Functioning of a Food Processing Unit with Advanced PVC Panels

Nowadays, food processing units require advanced inspection measures. Adopting conventional techniques won’t bring a positive difference to the food processing unit. You should always search for high-graded food processing wall panels in such a circumstance. Vinyl panels are the ultimate choice for insulating the food processing facility from the damages such as staining, cracks, discoloration, and peel-off. Made from 100% virgin vinyl, PVC panels are good-quality cladding materials designed with perfect craftsmanship. These panels help you promote abrasion-free commercial interiors, keeping the possibilities of severe damage away. PVC panels are the perfect FRP alternatives that easily cut down the concerns of poor aesthetics, moisture infiltration, and other harmful elements. Learn why PVC panels should be your prime option for the complete restoration of a food processing unit.

PVC Panels Ensure Zero Dampness Inside the Commercial Interiors-Know How

Food processing units are at great risk of damage due to extreme moisture absorption. A rise in moisture level can significantly pave the way for wall and ceiling dampness. As a result, it produces a damp smell, giving an unfavourable environment for operating the facility. Installation of vinyl food processing wall panels is essential for promoting a moisture-free environment. PVC panels do not have an in-built backer below, unlike FRP panels. Besides, PVC panels do not contain pores on their surfaces. They do not lock moisture inside them.

PVC Panels Show Brilliant Antibacterial Properties

Food processing units are one of those areas where bacterial infestation tends to be high. Installation of vinyl panels helps eliminate the germ infestation. PVC panels do not have crevices on their surfaces, making them easy to repel bacteria, mildew, and mold easily.

PVC Panels are Long-Lasting- Stay in Spot-Free Condition for Many Years

When you install vinyl panels, there is no need for replacement, repairing, and refinishing. PVC panels have an excellent lifespan period of 40-45 years. These panels do not rust, delaminate, discolor, and warp over time. Moreover, PVC panels need minimal maintenance. You don’t need to worry about the regular cleaning. You can easily clean up the PVC panels with a simple cloth with soap or detergent.

Provide Strong Resistance Against Fire

When you equip your food processing unit with high-quality PVC panels, you can easily get rid of fire hazards. PVC panels have standard Class-A fire grade features that resist fire accidents for 1 hour.

Gives the Fastest Installation Time

When you install PVC panels, you can save time on the installation. PVC panels consist of tongue and groove interlocking technology that allows panels to attach to the studs easily. With PVC panels, you can easily save 40% of the material costs and 50% of the labor costs. No additional material such as adhesive is required during the installation of PVC panels.

Before acquiring PVC panels, you should always check the credibility and quality of PVC panels. Besides, you should always check whether PVC panels meet safety and cleanliness standards. Duramax PVC Wall Panels is one such name that provides you with the best kind of PVC panels.

Visit Duramax PVC Wall Panels for Investing in High-Quality PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels

Welcome to Duramax PVC Wall Panels. We are one of the prominent and leading-edge manufacturers of PVC panels in the USA. We are known for designing FDA-compliant and ASTM-certified PVC wall and ceiling panels that meet and even exceed safety and hygiene standards of a commercial sphere. At Duramax, you get lightweight, durable, and easy-to-maintain PVC wall and ceiling panels. Our PVC panels have a mold-coated surface that does not allow bacterial infestation inside the commercial space. Besides, our vinyl panels have industry-leading ½ inch thickness having excellent strength and durability. Our PVC panels support attic insulation loads with good redundancy.

Duramax PVC panels eliminate the need for OSB (oriental string board), giving you half the material and labor cost. You can visit the Duramax PVC Wall Panels website and place customized PVC panels online.

Duramax PVC panels are directly shipped from the factory to your desired location in just two weeks. Ask for a free quotation today and compare FRP with PVC prices easily.

The drywall might be a cheap option, but the wall material absorbs moisture, swells up, and molds easily. Drywall isn’t a great choice for the food facility. The drywall stains and the heavy-duty maintenance get expensive with time. Rather installing food processing wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl is a more durable choice. The vinyl wall panels don’t stain, absorb moisture, mold, and are easier to clean. Get the Duramax wall panels in 2 weeks direct from the factory. Request a quote now.

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