Is it worth getting Oracle Certification?


Oracle certification has a great demand in the industry due to the broad usage of Oracle software, goods, and services. Oracle developed these certification programs, which provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills related to Oracle services. Many multi-national companies and Fortune 500 enterprises prefer to hire Oracle-certified professionals. Thus to become an expert in this field, a candidate must undergo Oracle Training in Noida. Such training aims to provide hands-on experience with the technology and help the candidates with high-paid jobs.

Overview of Oracle Certification

In the current scenario, Oracle offers certifications programs in multiple technological segments like; application, database, systems, Cloud, Java, middleware, operating systems, enterprise management, and virtualization. However, database certifications are popular among the candidates and the organization as it provides practical applications and implications. These certificates are available at different levels and assist you with your professional career with a high salary package. In addition, these certifications are available at the various levels, which are as follows:

  • The Certified Associate Certification provides candidates basics of database management and administration.
  • Also, the Certified Professional Certification focuses on offering a professional course that assists in database management and the development of applications that are important for business operations.
  • Moreover, Certified Master Certification allows the applicant to assess and manage complex database systems and applications.
  • Furthermore, Oracle Certified Expert Certification shows that you have expert knowledge and skills in different domains, technologies, and database design.

The above certifications offer multiple benefits to both organizations and the candidates, which we will discuss in this detailed article.

Oracle Certification Benefits for Organization

All those employers who have hired these certified professionals can enjoy multiple benefits. These benefits are as follows:

  • Increased rate of retention
  • Better work performance 
  • Excellent job satisfaction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased credibility with the clients of the organization.
  • Market value improves rapidly.

Oracle Certification Benefits for Candidates

Candidates enjoy more benefits with this certification 

program. With this certification, they will stand out from others in every interview. However, the key benefits include;

  • Excellent hike in Salary or earnings
  • Credibility also increases
  • Chances of promotion increase with this certification.
  • Employability also increases
  • Enhancement of skills and expertise
  • A better understanding of the related technology.

Job roles after Oracle Certification

Besides the individual and organizational benefits, these certifications are well-known for providing several career options. These certifications help you to explore different job opportunities. Moreover, several enterprises rely on Oracle-based technology. In addition, Oracle systems and services serve as the backbone of various enterprises. As a result, you have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.

So, if you want to make a profession out of your certification, you might look into the following job prospects or roles.

  • Application Developer

As an Application Developer, you will be responsible for creating new applications and assuring network, system, and application security. Their job description includes creating and managing database systems and assisting with the task of storage operations. When searching for the position of an application developer, you will come across several profiles such as systems and networks administrator, computer programmers, database analyst, web developers, and administrators.

  • Database Administrator

The primary responsibility of the database administrators is to handle various security concerns connected to Oracle databases. Moreover, a database administrator is responsible for maintaining, executing, and administering the databases. Thus, after you have completed the certification program, you will be able to work as a database administrator in various industries like hospitals, financial institutions, central and state government agencies, IT businesses, universities, colleges, and corporations linked with the IT sector.

  • Instructional Coordinators

You may also look at the profile for guiding others with the appropriate collection of educational resources and training programs. Also, you can work as an instructional coordinator, which involves producing and executing instructional materials for training reasons. These individuals are responsible for meeting the appropriate educational requirements and quality.


Finally, Oracle technologies and products are highly scalable and are compatible with large and medium-sized enterprises. However, most Oracle products are beneficial to an organization and should be managed by professionals with the necessary skills. Thus, to gain expertise in such skills, each candidate must undergo Oracle Online Training. These training programs help the candidates with the professional experience and assist them with high-paid jobs.

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