Kids Quran Online Classes | Kids Hifz Quran Classes allows you to easily learn online quran teacher from the comfort of your own home. This program is for people who wish to learn Quran and Tajweed online, especially for non-Muslims. While we mainly concentrate on Quran recitation for children, many adults and new Muslims are also enrolled in our online Quran courses. You will need a computer, headset, microphone, and an internet connection. Our students hail from all over the globe, including Australia, Canada, UK and Australia. To give you a chance to evaluate our online service, we offer FREE Trial Lessons. You can choose from male or female Quran tutors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the world about Holy Quran online. This includes Muslims living far from their home countries and Islamic centers. Students can learn Quran online from the comfort of their own homes. Both male and female teachers are available. Parents receive feedback on their children’s progress.

Register For Quran Online Classes

Register for free online Quran Education

To evaluate our Quran tutor and Quran reading service, you can take free classes. You can decide whether to continue learning Quran with us after the free classes. Our goal is to help individuals learn Quran teachings from established Islamic institutions. Our goal is to make the Quran learning online as easy as possible so that students can focus on Learning Quran Online. These are the steps you need to take in order to learn the Quran online.

  • Register for a Free Trial
  • We will get back to you regarding class time and course.
  • You are now ready to learn with Skype
  • Noorani Qaida Online

Quran is the final book that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) revealed. To understand Holy Quran, one must be committed, dedicated, and attentive. Quran education can be divided into Quran reading, Quran with Tajweed and Quran translation.

  • Quran can be learned by anyone, anywhere.
  • Online Quran teaching of high quality 24/7.
  • All students benefit from a 1-to-1 teaching method.
  • There is no need to travel for Quran learning if you can learn Quran at your home.
  • Evaluation of the performance of students and interaction with parents.
  • Why Children Quran Reading Classes for Kids
  • We are one the most popular online Quran tutoring institutes. Our staff has a wealth of experience in Quran Tutoring online, and we have many satisfied students around the world.
  • Our primary focus is on Muslims who have difficulty learning the Quran, especially for their children. Most problems arise when parents try to find a Quran tutor who is qualified and then send their children to schools or mosques that teach Holy Quran. It is not only expensive, but it is also difficult to find a tutor in your area and make time for them.

Hafiz -e-Quran

Our faculty comprises qualified Scholars, Aalims Qaris & Hafiz -e-Quran, who are religiously conversant, and eager to share true Islamic teachings. Your children will receive excellent education and basic Islamic ethics. They have a lot of experience teaching Quran. They can help you or your child learn Quran using Tajweed rules.

  • Reading the Quran with Tajweed
  • Female Quran tutors are available
  • You can choose the time that suits you best
  • 1-on-1 classes/sessions online
  • Qualified Quran tutors
  • English, Arabic, and Urdu classes
  • Online Quran Classes For Beginners
  • Online learning Quran for beginners and reverts is easy at home.

Quran online

You can read Quran online using a simple, occupied schedule. No matter what age you are, if you haven’t had the chance to read the Holy Quran in your lifetime, we invite you to join our online classes and start your Quran classes today. In just a few months, you’ll be able to learn the Quran with amazing teachers. We can help anyone, whether they are a man, woman, or sister, who is late because of work, life, or other obligations.

If you need assistance with Quran exercises or class recording, our customer support team will assist you. The Quality Confirmation Division will regularly evaluate your progress and will advise you of any further learning devices and correct any deficiencies in your reading and recitation. No matter where you live, UK, USA, AU or Pakistan, we can help you 24/7 with our online Quran classes.

Hifz Quran Course is one of the propelled courses. This course teaches the student to memorize the entire Quran. Allah promises a lot of remuneration to Muslims who memorize the Quran. Hafiz is the title given to the Muslim who remembers. Many Muslims desire to keep the Holy Book. It is our Holy Book and provides us with direction. It is a well-known fact that many of us have learned it in order to gain an advantage on this planet and in the future.


The hafiz, the person who remembers the Quran, should not seek to increase common benefits by keeping it. This is because his remembrance of the Quran isn’t something to be traded within the world; rather, it is a sign of his love for his Lord.

  •  He leads the prayer and takes precedence over all others.
  • If necessary, placed in front of others in a common grave, nearer to the qiblah, to allow others to bury him.
  • A person whose status will be proportional to the last ayat that he has memorized.
  • He will be there with the angels to accompany them.
  • He will receive a crown and a garment to honor.
  • The Quran will intervene for him with his Lord.

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