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King Uche’s music is a powerful blend of rich melodies and powerful songs!

Raja Usher’s music is a powerful blend of rich melodies and powerful songwriting!

The musician of Nigerian descent, Uchechuku Oribi Okwara, is professionally known as King Uche. Growing up in Deccanify, south of Ideaato in Nigeria’s Emo State, he grew up in a state of scarcity due to a severe food shortage that led to the death of his brother, creating a hole in his life of the young Uche. The combination of those experiences deeply shaped Uche’s life as a jaundiced political climate, and the village colored his worldview.

King Uche moved to the United States later in life as a result of all of his life’s struggles, and he found success there, establishing himself as a music executive under his own Imprint Sufferings and Offerings Music, which currently has two laws signed with the company.

Listening to the music of the two acts, one can admit that Uche has the power of a great scout. In addition to her work as a music executive, she also created her own music, her first project Flyzerian Music alone gaining over 400,000 streams in its first two months on Spotify.

Raja Uche’s music is a powerful blend of rich melodies and powerful songwriting

He wrote powerful songs on issues ranging from self and youth empowerment to political crises and heartbreaking issues.

In his upcoming EP Uche Musa, Uche reflects on things close to his heart, such as the #EndSars movement in his home country Nigeria, as well as the unexpected blows of the Nigerian civil war.

Inspired by the majesty of the late Mansa Musa, the historical achievements of King Uche Mansa Musa coincide with what he wants to achieve with his ambition and the great things he wants for himself and his loved ones. Combining hip-hop and afrobeat, the music is inspiring, charged, and as subtle as anything in 2021.

King Uche: There aren’t many challenges, but I adapt to every situation. With the pandemic, I tried to focus on conquering the internet by increasing my social presence.

YMX: What’s the next step in your project? Is there anything exciting on the horizon?

King Uche The roller coaster ride quality for success has barely begun. I’m having fun and trying to spend time on everything. My EPUche Musa is out. Next month, my artist “Martins Luv” will release his Ep “Lions Heart” on September 3rd. And the second artist 99 Drizzy will release his own Ep in October. In October 2019, in fact, I did only that one song that year. The rest was done during Covid 19 in 2020-list the various singles you released.

Discography: 2020: Danny Phantom, Crash, My Lady, Type I Like, When I Broke, FLYGERIAN MUSIC (EP) 2021: TYPE I LIKE (EP), Money Mitch, Take Off (My Top Song Now)-How Did you grow up or go south to influence your song? Born as an Igbo and aware of the unfair political situation in my country, it was very difficult to grow up in the South.

It influenced my music and songs

Because it gave my music and emotions a certain amount of soul and heart. Born poor, the only brother died due to food shortages. And armed robbers struck before leaving Nigeria. Struggling to live in the village. Everything has reached my music because my music is an extension of my soul and lessons from life. -Which music award did you win? And the second artist 99 Drizzy will release his own Ep in October. In October 2019, in fact, I did only that one song that year. 

I’m stepping into the scene right now, so I don’t want an award yet. So I’m not asking for an award

I’m still developing my sound and getting comfortable. Full participation in this game promises to win all the prizes. -Do you mention the various milestones you have reached as an artist? 

Being independent means that there is no big label to back you up. I work for every dime I spend on my music. By itself, seeing me come from nothing to something and make something from nothing is a milestone enough for me. My first debut EP “Flygerian Music” won 400,000 streams in the first two months on Spotify alone!

Connect with King Uche:

Official website: www.KingUche.com | Instagram/FB/Twitter: @1KingUche | https://www.youtube.com/c/KingUcheOfficial

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