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Know why to buy PVC panels online from Duramax

Gone are the days when drywall and FRP panels were ruling the show. Businesses have realized that drywall is great only for dry interiors and FRP panels have their own set of drawbacks. Other wall coverings might work great, but its USA-made PVC panels that have a reputation for lasting 45 years with minimal upkeep. It’s true that high-quality vinyl panels are extremely long-lasting and need no repairs, maintenance, or refinishing. If you plan to buy PVC panels online, then choose Duramax manufacturers. They have incredible quality, craftsmanship, and efficiency in delivering premium quality products at factory-direct prices shipped in 2 weeks. Here are a few other reasons why Duramax wall panels are the ideal choice amongst businesses in the USA.

Fire-resistant wall panels

Duramax USA-made PVC panels have Class A fire resistance. The fire resistivity of the vinyl panels makes them an ideal choice for commercial kitchens, garages, dairy farms with equipment and machinery, labs, and hospitals. PVC is a non-combustible wall material that doesn’t get ignited easily. The PVC panels can prevent the outbreak of a fire accident for at least an hour giving you the vital time to get a backup and save life and property. Commercial applications that are prone to fire accidents should invest in vinyl panels rather than other wall materials.

100% virgin vinyl panels

Duramax PVC panels made from virgin vinyl are exceptionally resistant to moisture and water vapor. The wall cladding material is ideal for humid and wet interiors. The non-porous panels do not allow moisture absorption, and with no wooden backers, the panels don’t rot or mold. The vinyl panels shed off the excess water from the smooth surface without absorbing or swelling up like drywall. Even the FRP panels are prone to water damage due to the wooden backers attracting moisture. Invest in a 100% water-resistant wall paneling structure and buy PVC panels online.

Hygienic wall panels

Duramax vinyl panels are high on hygiene and maintain the highest cleanroom sanitary conditions. The vinyl panels are FDA-compliant and certified by CFIA and ASTM. The high-quality panels have no crevices to harbor bacteria, and this feature makes them anti-bacterial as well. The vinyl panels are waterproof and restrict the growth of mold and mildew. The panels don’t get damp, which curtails microbial infestation from damaging the wall panels. The hygienic Duramax wall panels are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, laboratories. And also for Laundromats, breweries, commercial kitchens, and so on.

Stringent quality checks

Duramax experts ensure a stringent quality check before dispatching the wall panels to the respective customers. The wall panels are customized and checked to ensure optimal quality reaches the customers. Each panel is cut, shaped, and then dispatched to ensure durability, resilience, and strength.

Longest lifespan

Duramax wall panels have the longest lifespan compared to Mylar, FRP, and drywall. The high-quality panels can last for 45 years and even longer without professional care. The wall panels are not only waterproof but non-corrosive as well. The panels are strong and resistant to high impacts, blows, and abuses. The premium quality wall panels have ½ inch thickness with an inner webbed truss design that offers exceptional strength. And durability compared to other ordinary wall coverings. Duramax panels support attic insulation loads and are known for their exceptional performance inside commercial units.

Easiest to clean and maintain

Duramax wall panels do need professional care or expert maintenance. Just regular upkeep by wiping the panels with a damp mop is enough. The wall panels don’t fade, stain or allow dirt to reside on the surface. The panels don’t allow the waste matter to accumulate at the corners and damage the walls and ceilings. Vinyl panels are resistant to most chemicals, making cleaning easier with bleaching agents and strong detergents. The white and bright panels need regular bleaching to maintain a pristine appearance. Duramax panels are the easiest to clean, and the hassle-free maintenance makes them a top choice amongst all others.

Wrapping up

Are you looking for a long-lasting wall covering for your commercial or industrial space? Then, get in touch now. The high-quality wall panels get customized as per specifications. Book a free consultation today—request a no-obligation quote. Avail your free sample. The experts revert within a day.

Industries with wet interiors and cleanrooms rely on USA-made vinyl panels to control excess moisture and humidity. The vinyl panels are strong, durable, and can last for 40 years without any callbacks. The high-quality wall panels don’t mold, rot or absorb moisture. The non-porous wall panels are chemical-resistant and easy to clean with strong detergents and bleaching agents. Get the wall panels within two weeks. The panels are cost-effective and arrive at factory-direct rates. Get a quote now. 

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