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Know why you should choose vinyl wall topper over others

Invest in a high-quality wall topper made from 100% virgin vinyl. The wall toppers provide good privacy and also protects your property from stray animals and trespassers. The wall topper made from thicker vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and lasts for more than 20 years without fading, rotting, or staining. In addition, the premium quality vinyl wall toppers are resistant to extreme weather.

The wall topper is a traditional fence that looks elegant and offers exceptional privacy. Homeowners prefer to install wall toppers in the backyard to stop stray animals and trespassers from venturing into the area. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to renovate the place and break down your existing wall or the stone block on your property. Wall topper can easily adapt itself and one doesn’t need to rebuild the wall footings to accommodate a new fence. Wall toppers get customized according to the surroundings. However, wooden toppers are a traditional favorite. The wooden appeal is definitely eye-catching and seems strong. Nevertheless, in reality, the lightweight vinyl is five times stronger and a better option. Here are a few reasons why vinyl is ideal for building a sustainable and long-lasting wall topper.

Duragrain vinyl wall topper – Better than the wooden one

The wooden wall toppers are not long-lasting. Wooden fences and wall toppers tend to rot, stain, attract termites and degrade with time. It’s better to invest in a vinyl wall topper. However, some property owners are fond of wooden wall toppers. The traditional appeal tugs the heart for its vintage vibes. Yet nothing is lost as Duragrain is a great alternative to wooden wall toppers. Duragrain is a wood-grained material that has the cellular structure of vinyl, but looks exactly like regal wood. The Duragrain toppers are waterproof, weather-resistant, easy to maintain and last for years without attracting termites or staining. Wash the Duragrain wall topper with a hose or wipe with a sponge. The Duragrain topper is extremely durable and can last for more than 20 years with minimal upkeep. The wall topper gets customized in various styles, designs and colors. However, your preference, space, size, and other requirements also need to be considered for manufacturing the perfect Duragrain wall topper.

Vinyl wall toppers have exceptional weather resistivity

The scorching heat of the Sun can damage the vinyl wall toppers. The weather has always been the enemy of fences and wall toppers. That’s the reason why the manufacturing of Duraresin vinyl wall toppers has started. The Duraresin formulation has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to build weather-resistant toppers. The Duraresin formulation ensures that the topper can withstand excess heat from the Sun and doesn’t warp due to the scorching rays. Vinyl fences and wall toppers are waterproof and have wind resistivity of 105mph, which makes them immune to thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and ice storms. High-quality vinyl wall toppers don’t crack in the winters and can stand tall with pride for the longest time without breaking, sagging, or falling over. The impact-resistant vinyl wall toppers can sustain heavy blows and don’t fade or turn yellow. The wall toppers are durable and don’t need whitewashing for at least ten years or even more. Occasionally clean the it to maintain its pristine new look.

Thicker vinyl sheets make durable wall toppers

Some vinyl wall toppers are weak because of the thin material used for manufacturing. Reputed manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture quality toppers that are long-lasting and can withstand weather torments and more. Thicker vinyl ensures outstanding strength and enhanced durability compared to thinner material. Wall toppers with external hardware can injure pets and children. That’s why wall toppers without external brackets and unsightly screws are preferred. Some manufacturers built the wall toppers with a strong routing and interlocking system to ensure the rails, posts and pickets don’t fall apart.

Choose Duramax wall topper

The wall topper at Duramax comes with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. Request a quote today for a custom-made wall topper.

Jenny Lauren was looking for a traditional wall topper for her property. She came across Duramax and ordered a DIY custom-made wall topper. Jenny loved the easy installation guide and also how simple the maintenance was. It’s been four years, and it is still stands tall, strong, and requires occasional cleaning. Jenny highly recommends Duramax fences and wall toppers.


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