Looking To Buy Stationery And Supplies For Kids

With most students returning to school after three months of lockdown, receiving a new piece of stationery is akin to Christmas morning.

Despite living in the digital age, Verdict Retail believes that the UK stationery business will be worth £2.1 billion by 2021. Lockdown may slightly alter the figures, but one thing is certain: our passion for pens, paper, and post isn’t waning.

There are solutions for all price points, needs, and styles on the market, with hundreds of options encompassing luxury, affordable, and traditional stationery brands.

Equip your kid with the most up-to-date notebooks, rubbers, binders, marker pen, pencil cases, and pens from stores such as WHSmith, Amazon, and Ryman.

  • Rainbow Coloring Glitter Pencils

This six-pack of glittery pencils is both practical and attractive, and will liven up any Monday morning science class.

This collection of six assorted coloured glitter pens will add some personality to your pencil box. A rubber is wrapped in a golden rubber holder at the top of each pencil.

  • BIC Evolution, Pen and Pencil Set

This BIC kids pen and pencil set comes with an 18-pack of eco-friendly pencil crayons, 18 water-based BIC colour glitter glue pens, and 8 HB BIC Evolution Signature pencils.

These product lines are recommended for routine writing and sketching and are designed specifically for children.

All the B pencils have built-in erasers, and the ball point pens come in a variety of bright colours, so your youngster may create their unique colorful masterpieces. The fixed medium nibs are particularly perfect for sketching and high-volume coloring because they don’t get squashed or deformed under pressure.

  • Helix Ultimate School Set

This school stationery set offers practically everything your kid will need in class and more, putting style over substance.

2x HB graphite pencils, 1x black & 1x blue ballpoint pen, self-catering compass with pencil in case, robotic pencil & lead topping up, 1x highlighter, 15 cm ruler, 180 degree protractors, 45 & 60 degree set squares, pencil sharpener, sleeved rubber, and a friend to help timetable, as well as a maths position paper are all included in this excellent value for money set.

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  • Sparkle Pop Holographic Rollbound A4Ringbinder

Mermaids, narwhals, unicorns, and everything mystical are all the rage right now. This holographic ringbinder will add some magical rainbow joy to your stationery kit.

It has a charming pastel blue highly prevalent with a transition colour, and the lining paper has a pink-blue gradient colour as well.

Its A4 size is ideal for storing all of your children’s essays, schoolwork, and other paperwork, and the blue outside elastic band keeps the folder securely closed.

  • Muji Colored Pencils

MUJI is the golden standard of school supplies for certain stationery fans. Its nearly limitless selection of basic, minimal, and sleek stationery products ensures that any item will simply blend into your existing collection.

You’ll get a bumper pack of 60 coloured pencil crayons made from cedar in this box. So whether your child uses them to color in a masterpiece or just to spruce up their doodles. They are a simple school kit must-have.

  • Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

The days of the humble yellow highlighter are long gone. These pink highlighters are very stunning! To mark through crucial textbooks, your studious children may choose mint green, pink, turquoise, and even a lavender purple colour.

Stabilo Boss is a well-known highlighter and stationery brand, so you know you’ll get high-quality products – and the delicate colours are stunning.

They have anti-smudge and anti-drying technology. As well as the ability to be refill. Furthermore, the traditional wedge design lets you make both wide and fine lines.

For less than five pounds. You could get your hands on eight stunning highlighter colors. Perfect for use at school or college.

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  • Palm Print Pencil Case

Tropical vibes don’t have to be limited to the beach. They can be add up in the classroom. The pencil case features a palm print that is both fashionable and utilitarian.

The blue and turquoise palm fronds fill the space. With the message ‘YOU HAVE GOT THIS’ inscribed in gold to urge you to keep going.

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