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Meet Our Chief Creative Head Digital Marketing Agency santu singh


Santu is chief creative head of art Maxime Studio Noida with over 25 years of experience in the industry covering multiple disciplines in art direction design and branding across a portion of the big brands in the country like Bonton Aquafresh Glen and tums.

The Chief creative head exists to catalyze the advancement four office through the sound, conscious improvement of our gathering and clients. This new position indicates our yearning to work with nearby brands that emphasize advance and, finally, social impact as a goal. The Chief creative head

His work much of the time clouds the lines between ingenuity, correspondence, culture, and legitimate arrangement. He deals in the quality and investigation of human direct – a thought that far outperforms the restrictions of any predefined vertical-astirring visionary with a background marked by effect, impact, and unselfishness.

Before pushing ahead, it’s fundamental to get digital transformation and its importance for your organization and realize what a successful; digital change methodology is and how to utilize it.


Digital transformation presents an opportunity to change how companies and organizations operate, as it arose from the progress and development of new technologies. Here we must emphasize that this does not mean a technological change within the organization alone. Instead, it implies a turning point for individuals, empowering and encouraging them to develop different skills positively to reshape their company.

Why Does Digital Transformation Matter ?

From the smallest local companies to the large multinational organizations, one thing is Sure: Digital transformations is crucial for each business regardless of its size. It is a gainful change that persuades associations to constantly challenge themselves in coordinating new technology across all business areas.

A few vital advantages of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION include

Improved Efficiency

One benefit of digital transformation is efficiency and productivity by streamlining workflows, improving data flow, and digitizing business operations.

Improved Agility

One benefit of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is efficiency and productivity by streamlining workflows, improving data flow, and digitizing business operations.

Increased opportunities

There are a lot of conceivable outcomes, however, so there are competitors. Developing a digital transformation helps you perceive and address changes and difficulties and leads you to superior position with the goal that you will want to jump all over open door coming to your direction. Further developed profitability. Finally, what happens whenever you work more productively with more opportunities and improve your customer’s impression of your company? The reality is that digital transformation will change your whole firm, and similarly, it will fundamentally work for public benefit when carried out accurately.

Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

While considering various models like how uber changes the whole taxi industry, Netfilx supplanted numerous films worldwide, how Amozan hit the retail market, how the states are currently authorizing self-driving vehicles, you can’t help but notice that these progressive advancements show the act of enhancements. Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

What’s more, while taking a gander at the compelling stories, you frequently get keen on the formula for such far-reaching worldwide change.

Many organizations stress whether interest in modernizing functional techniques will bring huge pay and benefits. Subsequently, organizations start the change interaction, yet few consider a change established in the real world which will get a return.

A digital transformation strategy addresses basic inquiries like what, why, and how. This methodology assembles spans between the circumstance and the ideal ling-haul plan.

A digital transformation strategy is a significant archive enumerating your business objectives and digital drives. Given that, it is fundamental to follow a few steps.

Business Assessment

An actual appraisal of your present business is a decent beginning for your digital transformation strategy. This underlying assessment should incorporate your essential points, key performance indicators, and potential unique opportunities.

Focus On Digital Initiatives

Every digital initiative will differ in region, assets, and profit from the investment. Therefore, its;s wise to prioritize your enterprise based on its value, impact, and estimated effort.

Create a resource plan. As innovation isn’t your main cost, it is fundamental to collect a group with the right abilities and outlook to accomplish your strategy.

Digital Transformation: Brief History

The historical backdrop of digitization and digital transformation goes way back farther than you may anticipate. Digitization at first began as far back as 1679 when gotgried wilhelm leibniz explained the main two fold structure. Then, at hat point, 1847, Boolean polynomial math which was utilized in numerical examination to concentrate on the all inclusive spread and reception of calculation, was presented by Georage boole.

As time went by and the digital revolution began, it achieved a significant milestone in the digital world. The very first digital transmission innovation known as the SIGSALY was designed. This innovation was adopted, especially by author of the paper “A Mathematical theory of communication,” described modern digital communications and information theory, explaining the shift from analogue to digital technology.

During the 1950s the central processor and the semiconductor were developed, empowering a change from simple registering to digital. Then, at that point, during the 1960s sent the direct message over ARPANET; additionally, gordon moore estimated that the processing power would be twofold each year.

Presented the world wide web during the 1980s, and during the 1990s, it opened up. This is also the period when gave the 2G organization.  It;s work to substitute how an organization utilizes its assets to drive new business and income.

Before long, the principal DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION  projects started to show achievement. The initial extremist changes through development were caused in media, Telecom, technology and financial services. Then the spending plans for digital and programming arrangements expended, and the functional Strategies for some, enterprises were changes. Thus, in 2018, the worldwide digital transformation market size as esteemed at $320 billion. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

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