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Methods to increase the number of Instagram followers quick

You’ve spent hours making content and planning for Instagram. After a short time after clicking “Share”, everything is all right. You’re confident that you’ve written something outstanding. But then, you hear nothing. A few likes and comments from your few followers. How do you gain many more people following Instagram than you do by publishing quality content? There isn’t any step-by-step guide to follow for Instagram growth. However, some guidelines can enable you to reach a bigger public and attract new followers.

Methods to gain more followers on Instagram

Use hashtags and explore them.

We’ve done lots of research into hashtags on our blog, but it appears like on no social media are they as significant as they are on Instagram. With the right hashtags, you can help your images be visible to a large and specific group of people and Instagram users aren’t prone to getting bored of hashtags, like those on different social networks. Begin by searching for hashtags that appeal to your intended viewers. The free Instagram tools such as Display Uses or AutoHash aid you in finding the best hashtags to use in your Instagram posts.

For instance, using Display Purposes, you just write a few lines about the image, and it will suggest using those hashtags that are most well-known. If you’re looking to gain more followers on Instagram You need hashtags. Utilizing hashtags can make your content easily searchable or filterable when users click on the same hashtag in another post. You can even sign up to their most popular hashtags so that the most relevant content using that hashtag will appear within your Instagram timeline.

Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post however, don’t increase it to 30 hashtags. TrackMaven recommends using nine hashtags for maximum engagement. Make sure that you don’t repeat the same hashtags repeatedly. Instead, organize your most-used hashtags in categories so you can easily add multiple relevant hashtags to every post. Read More

Engage with the audience.

Engagement is the key to growing Instagram. Many companies make the error of focusing solely on comments and likes, without considering the people behind these numbers. If you are looking to increase the number of Instagram followers, it is important to get your followers involved in the discussion. Being aware it’s not enough to just be able to say that someone can see your content doesn’t necessarily mean they are following you.

If you get the chance to meet someone who might be a follower, make sure you make the most of the opportunity. Every comment can be an opportunity to gain a new subscriber or maintain the one you have So, make sure you respond to each feedback you receive. If you’re already shaking with the thought of touching the phone, don’t fret. Utilizing this Buffer Engage tool it is possible to respond to posts from your computer. However, don’t wait around until your fans join in an exchange. Make occasions to engage.

Make use of Instagram stickers, such as open-ended questions or polls that you can post on Instagram Stories. Pose questions in captions for photos. Encourage friends to tag each other in the comments, offering suggestions like “Tag your best friend you would invite on this cruise!” and “Check out a wine-loving friend you would like to do this wine tasting with.”

Work with other people

Another method to increase followers on Instagram is to work with other brands via partnerships or influencer campaigns. The brand’s focus through Blume is an excellent illustration of this. Bloom can connect with Buffer’s followers via an original Instagram story and its Highlights. Additionally, Blume will be sharing the spotlight with their followers by bringing their fans to Buffer.

The Spotlight is a win-win for everyone. Instagram that features Blume’s Janice Ayan Influencer marketing is another method to increase your Instagram followers. If you’re budget-conscious pay content creators to help promote your business. If you’re looking to keep things simple (and low-cost) micro-influencers (1,000-10,000 subscribers) can be extremely effective.

Content shared by micro-influencers can have a better percentage of engagement than content from bigger accounts. You can look up micro-influencers who can collaborate, or simply reuse the content of User Generated Content (UGC). Did you remember those hashtags that we discussed in the Section Optimizing Your Bio? Simply tap your branded hashtag and you’ll have an entire library of content you can choose from.


When the first time we created Buffer’s Instagram we urged users to join #BufferStories as well as #BufferCommunity. We’ve used these hashtags to search for and share content created by users. In the past time, we’ve seen an increase in numbers of Instagram followers from 4250 to 21,000. Collaboration can also be a way to show your character and values by communicating. The businesses and individuals whom you work with and who support you speak about your image. Partnerships can be particularly efficient for local companies. You might consider partnering with neighbors to reach a highly-targeted market.

Connect to your Instagram from a different source:

Create a way for people to locate your Instagram. There is no need to search your web site’s pages to locate your Instagram profile. We utilize our site’s footer to hyperlink to Buffer’s social media accounts.
Link on your Instagram account on:
Email footers
The footer of your site’s website and/or sidebar
Biographies on different social media platforms
Social media posts by team members

Examine your results.

One method to figure ways to increase your Instagram fans is to look at what your existing followers are responding to. You can monitor multiple Instagram metrics directly within the app with Instagram Insights and third-party analytics tools such as Buffer. Do not get caught up in the flimsy metrics of comments and likes. Instead, consider what the metrics reveal to you. For more info Click Here

For instance, testing new hashtags metrics like new followers and reaching tell you more about the hashtag’s significance than the number of followers who like your content. If you do some experiments with different posting times and impressions, they can indicate when your post will be most likely to get noticed. Your goal should be to determine which metrics are important the most to you.

By analyzing your data, you identify trends and determine the content that is popular with your target audience. Keep track of the trends. Are certain types of images more appealing or more interesting? Make sure to share more of these pictures and watch how your followers respond. Are certain hashtags receiving more followers from those who aren’t following you? Make sure to use these hashtags more frequently and be on the lookout to see if you can attract new fans. Check out the Instagram Analytics tutorial to know the details about Instagram measurements and the best ways you can utilize them to aid your marketing plan.


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