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What is The Estimated Mobile App Development Cost in Singapore?

The market of Singapore mobile apps had total revenue of $1.1 B with a CAGR of 17.1% in 2018. In the first quarter of 2021, the number of app downloads on their platforms was found to be 2.26M. 42% of Singapore apps are available on the Play app stores. The best mobile apps in Singapore are Tiktok, Leap Fitness group apps like lose weight app, MX Media, etc.

The numbers reflect that a large number of users depend on mobile apps. Out of which, 6% of the apps are paid, and 15% use in-app payments to monetize.

In the given blog we are going to discuss the cost of developing an app in Singapore. The price of building a business application varies based on different factors.

mobile app development cost

Factors  Affecting the Cost of Mobile App Development in Singapore

The cost of the development is affected by the industry of mobile apps and other important factors. What are these? Let’s understand them one by one.

Categories of Mobile Apps

  1. E-commerce App

E-commerce is the electronic platform responsible for buying and selling products using the internet.

E-commerce mobile app does not comprise a single market, it includes various segments, business to business like Shopify, business to consumers like Amazon, and consumer to consumer like eBay. Serving a large customer base requires trust. You need to build a unique brand image to gain profit.

The cost of this platform varies according to the features implemented. Multiple features like Inventory showcasing, MVP models, payment gateways, social media integration, raise the different prices. So, the overall cost estimation in Singapore is $15k-$50k and the time required is 3-5 months. On adding some advanced features the total cost may reach$60k with a time of 7-8 months.

  1. Multi-User Apps

In today’s age, multi-user apps are found everywhere, commanding the industry of mobile apps. Multiple people are connected so two-way communication is required. The best examples are Instagram, Tiktok, etc. For two-way interaction, people access public registered data or third parties. This demands tight security to keep the app secure from hackers. So, it’s better to understand technical documentation and the requirements before beginning to develop such an app. The cost of such apps ranges from $40k to $80k and the time for development needs 3-4 months.

  1. Marketplace Apps

The marketplace has their special availability in the market, they have been specially designed to make the lives of people easier. Apps like WhatsApp with a presence of 95.3% users, and Uber contains an array of features like different payment methods, integrated technologies, tracking, chat, and other seamless ways to serve people. Uber app can calculate the in-app payments, and track the user. The general cost of the development of these apps ranges between $30k-$80k with a period of 5-8 months in Singapore.

  1. Informative Apps

These apps are very fast and responsive as they do not utilize any server for execution. So, the cost of such an app is very low. These apps use static information like hyperlinks. Normally the budget of these apps lies between $10k-$30k and time of one to two months.

  1. Gaming Apps

The development of the gaming mobile app is very complex to design and implement. Although the industry of gaming has rapidly increased with a user percentage of 48.2% in recent years this expects new businesses to enter this domain.  From storyboarding to 3D designs, highly complex programming to animations, augmenting to virtual reality, all inside a single app costs a little higher.

The cost for 2D gaming app development is around $80k to $150k and for 3D the cost is going to reach $150k to $500k. The time estimation ranges between 4 months to 8 months.

  1. Business Management Apps

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is globally used by consultation and salesforce companies. Many commercial organizations extensively use automated processes to reduce the workloads of management. This includes the Logistic Management App, HR Management, and CRM the cost of the product ranges from $20k to $50k. However, the cost increased to $60k as more features are infused into the app.

  1. User Productivity Mobile Apps

These apps require quick synchronization with other platforms. Today, the user wants to manage everything and needs to be more productive, these apps can help to manage their work. Some of the best apps are Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. These apps are required to access the backend server, the functionality should be seamless.

Cost of the development based on the requirement estimated to be $15k-$30k with a timeline of 2-3 months.

Other Important Factors that Affect the Cost of Mobile App Development are:

  1. The Complexity of the App

The nature of the app decides where the app is forecast. The utility depends on how many features you want to implement in the app. This impacts the cost Of development. Our team tries to make it simpler for apps. But you can add different functionalities to the app, make it more realistic by adding real-time technology into it. The Singapore app developers help you to plan from the initial level till the end.

  1. Platforms Required

Singapore’s mobile market mainly depends on Android apps and iOS apps. However, the Android app development cost is higher compared to the iOS platform. Plus, iOS apps are more secure and faster than Android apps. Most businesses these days choose hybrid apps which are compatible with both platforms and require special attention for their development.

  1. Developer and Designer Costs

In Singapore, the developers cost less compared to other countries’ developers. Although the cost of the project mainly depends on the type of complexity, the region from where they are hired, the platform used, type of application, feature integration, the priority of the project, and their experiences. Developers are charged as per the number of hours they devoted to the project.

  1. Service Cost

The basic development of app costs in Singapore is relatively cheap, but some additional costs come into count after the app deployment and sale. This includes the copyright fees, cost of app submission, another post launching, maintenance costs, bug reporting, quality improvement costs, and others. Services are essential to run the app properly.


Singapore is one of the leading countries in offering different segments of mobile apps. It is the global financial hub for free trade and free markets. This retrospectively shows the demand for smartphones and likewise mobile apps. It has the most important mobile consumer market in Asia.

So, you can reach them for a budget-friendly mobile app solution for your business, it will be a fair process for you. Octal Info Solution situated in Singapore has one of the best experts who can create a holistic product for your business while keeping in mind the mobile app development cost. Surely, it would be an aspiring journey for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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