Most Exported Products From India With Complete Information

For every person who wants to do import-export business in India, it is essential to know what are the products in India which India exports and imports the most. Although in this article, we will talk only about the most exported products. Hence it can be helpful for those people or entrepreneurs who want to start their own import-export business in the Indian market.

As we all know, India’s government is trying to make the Indian economy a strong and big economy globally, which indicates that there will be countless startups in India in the coming times. And import-export companies will also gradually develop strongly.

In Particular, a lot of improvement can be expected in the sectors of electronics, technology and services. However, the entrepreneur has to face many challenges in successfully starting and running an import-export business in India. Along with this, you can also require various types of commercial vehicles for import-export business. There are multiple types of best vehicles, such as Mahindra truck models and others available in India. 

Popular Exported Products From India 

So you can easily select according to your business needs. And the one who succeeds in overcoming these challenges can earn huge profits from this business. So let us know what is included in the most exported products from India.

Iron And Steel

The metal exports from India are expected to grow at 10% per year. India accounts for 8% of the total steel produced in Asian countries. Therefore, it is likely that steel production needs to increase to meet domestic consumption. However, the demand for such iron ore used for steel production is challenging to grow simultaneously. But there are many countries which like to export iron and steel from India.

Electrical Machinery & Equipment

India is very popular for diesel generators. In addition, it exports electrical machinery and equipment in various sectors such as electronics, renewable energy, automotive power, automation, power storage, rail, etc. Since there has been a lot of improvement in technology etc., since the last decade, the demand for electrical machinery and equipment manufactured in India is also in developed countries like America, European Union etc.


Indian spices are one such product with the highest demand in foreign markets. According to one figure, India exports about 8.5 lakh tonnes of spices every year, which has a value of about US$ 162.38 billion. Chilli, cumin and turmeric are the significant spices which are transfer from India. Since Indian issues are in high demand in European countries, it can be an attractive export trade for the Indian people. 

Mineral Fuel

Since India is rich in minerals, minerals have been shipped from India. Multiple types of minerals exploit in large quantities in the world. India occupies a high ranking position in the world in the production of minerals. In particular, coal and brown coal produce in large quantities here.

According to reliable data, India exploits and processes a total of 87 types of minerals, including 40 kinds of fuel minerals and 10 types of metallic minerals. 

And India exports minerals worth about $30.79 billion. Iron ore is a significant mineral export from India.


Clothing and Garments are one of the major products which are export by India, and it’s expect that they will continue for a long time. Presently Indian textile producers and exporters can provide textiles with competitive prices and world-class quality to other retailers globally. There are many manufacturers engaged in producing different types of fabrics in India. For example, there are more than 1500 companies involved in making different types of textiles in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu.


Cotton is one of the traditional export products; that is, India has been exporting it for a long time. India’s cotton industry stands out globally because of good cotton production in India besides the competitive cost of production, integrated facilities for production, flexibility in volume, etc. Every year, India supplies 25% of the world’s cotton market with cotton and its related products to the global market. India exports cotton and its allied products to about 166 countries and earns about US$ 100 billion from it.

Various Chemical Products

In the production of chemicals, India ranks third in the whole of Asia and sixth in the world, which means that India is the sixth-largest country in chemical production in the whole world. It includes all types of chemical agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. There are more than 80000 products in the Indian chemical and petrochemical industry, which are produce in India. Many of these products transfer to Middle East countries and also to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Europe, America and China.

Medicines And Pharmaceutical Products

Medicines and other medical products are export from India to China and other Asian countries. According to one figure, the Indian pharmaceutical market value and size is in the fourteenth position in the whole world. Presently Indian pharmaceutical products export to more than 200 countries worldwide. These mainly include the US, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom and China markets.

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