Nine Casino Strategies for Getting You to Gamble More Than You Intend to

For as long as Las Vegas has been a premier vacation and gambling destination, there have been rumors about the various ways that casinos keep players at the tables and slots, and these rumors have been around for as long as Las Vegas has been a premier destination.

The urban legend that casino operators pump pure oxygen into the building to keep customers awake and alert for an extended period of time is one of the most well-known examples of this. While that strategy isn’t real — or even legal — there are plenty of others, including plenty of legal ones, that can ensure you stick around and play more than you originally intended or desired.

They conceal the passage of time

If you’ve ever been on a casino’s gaming floor, you’ve probably noticed that there are no clocks or other visible indicators of the time. There are no visible clocks, windows, or skylights, so determining whether or not it is daylight outside is impossible. The goal is for players to become so engrossed in their games that they lose track of time and are unaware of the reality that exists outside of the casino.

They make sure that everyone believes they are winning

It is common knowledge that “the house always wins” in the long run; this is why casinos are perfectly content to rejoice loudly whenever their customers manage to outwit them on occasion. Video slots and video poker machines are probably the best examples of this, as they use a variety of sound effects, bells, and flashing lights to draw as much attention as possible.

Crowds at the tables will frequently and loudly cheer for a “hot roll” or “timely blackjack.” People allow themselves to become swept up in the excitement and play for significantly longer periods of time than they would in the hopes of eliciting yet another jubilant response.

They create opportunities for you to take advantage of

A great deal of in-depth research has been conducted to determine the most effective ways to encourage guests to gamble while they are in the casino. One thing that every casino owner has learned over the years is that there should always be gaming tables and machines between the patrons and the establishment’s exits.

As a result, shopping centers and restaurants are never located near the main entrances. You will always have to walk past rows of slot machines and dealers to get to your destination. Because of the ease of access, you are more likely to squander a few dollars here and there, which can add up to significant additional costs for the home over time.

Believing You’re a Winner Even When You’re Losing

The use of perks and loyalty rewards is widely regarded as one of the most inventive psychological tools ever discovered by casino operators. When you’re having a bad streak at the casino, an employee may approach you and offer to give you a meal or show tickets. This happens all the time. Similarly, if you are a member of Player’s Rewards, every wager you place will count toward your loyalty points or tier. As a result, even if you do not win, you will be able to accumulate credit that can be redeemed for a variety of different gifts and prizes.

Instead of using cash, they use chips

Casinos use chips rather than cash, which is another key component in the overall formula that makes visitors forget they are in the real world. Losing is not nearly as frustrating as winning because spending colored chips does not have the same effect on the brain as spending actual money.

Furthermore, because the tokens can only be used within the confines of the casino, players who convert their cash into chips are more likely to wager all of their money. 

When you have chips, you may not want to wait in line at the cashier’s window for a small payout; as a result, you may place one or two more bets rather than quitting a few hands early and saving your last $20 or so in cash. This is in contrast to the situation where you might save money if it was in the form of bills.

The Lights and Sounds Are Intended to Tempt You

Slot machines and video poker games become more vibrant, louder, and interactive as time passes. These days, you can find a wide range of themes based on anything from television shows and movie franchises to board games and anything else you can think of. Instead of just spinning reels and colorful symbols, the software’s designers include video clips, sound effects, and exciting side games to keep you engaged and stimulated throughout the experience.

For example, if you’re walking down the street and hear the theme song from “Wheel of Fortune,” the next thing you know, you’re pulling the handle of a one-armed bandit and hoping to spin the wheel yourself.

Customers reward for their loyalty

When we discussed how casinos can make you feel like you’re winning even when you’re losing, we mentioned the importance of loyalty rewards in keeping players gambling for longer than they intended. As long as there are long-term benefits, you will never have the impression that you are truly missing out on something.

The complimentary steak dinner, concert ticket, or hotel room takes the sting out of what you’ve lost in the short term, even if you’ve just gambled away slightly more than you expected. The more you play, the better the gifts and benefits you receive, which could include something as trivial as a preferred parking spot location. It is not uncommon for guests to play a few extra hands in order to maintain their loyalty rewards tier/status and the associated perks, and this behavior is not uncommon.

They give the impression that you are in command

Each casino relies on its customers, who are led to believe that it is an outlier in the industry. According to mathematics, gambling is a fruitless endeavor because the house always wins in the end. However, each of us believes that the remaining suckers will lose, allowing us to walk away with the large payout, which is highly improbable. Establishments cultivate these emotions in a variety of different but understated ways.

You’ve probably noticed that modern slot machines usually include a number of different side games. Each of which allows the player to make a unique choice. You may be given the option of selecting which door to open rather than simply spinning the wheel to determine, for example, which bonus you will receive.

Guests will be more engaged while playing if they believe they have some degree of control over the outcome of their actions. Furthermore, they will continue to hope that they will eventually become experts at the game, increasing their chances of victory.

Customers receive complimentary drinks

Naturally, the most traditional and time-honored practice in a casino is to provide free drinks to anyone gambling on the casino floor. This not only makes you feel appreciated, but it also gives you the impression that you’re getting a good deal. Despite the fact that any money you spend on the machines is likely to cost the house more than the cost of providing you with diluted drinks. Furthermore, alcohol consumption lowers inhibitions and leads to a more myopic view of life. The more you drink. The more focused you will be on the game you are playing.

The Bottom Line

Casino owners, are like the owners of any other massively successful industry. Have spent the better part of the last century or so laser-focused on luring new customers and encouraging existing ones to keep gambling for as long as possible. Because each game design to give them a mathematical advantage. The numbers will always work out in the company’s favor.

As a result, they employ the strategies discussed on this page. As well as an ever-expanding list of other tricks and techniques, to keep players satisfied and encourage them to gamble more. Whether that is possible without clocks and windows, fake money, free drinks. All the other bells and whistles, or whether you are more concerned with accumulating loyalty rewards than anything else, it doesn’t make a difference. Read more

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