No investment required! Choose the best free SuiteCRM Plugins

Are you feeling behind your competitors in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business competition? Maybe one of the reasons is not selecting the right free SuiteCRM Plugins. 

Yes, products are taking every organization to new heights. It genuinely makes your operations smoother and easy to work. After all, everybody has made a motive to hit the mark on efficiency. Let all extensions of SuiteCRM handle this to boost your business efficiency.  

Why choose products of SuiteCRM?

An open-source system of CRM that gives a 360-degree view of a customer and a business. The software is filled up with multiple tools for your business operations. 

You can strive for smart tools in your work like marketing campaigns, custom rule creation, lead tracking, and more. 

When we talk about the user interface then it’s perfectly developed to work on the account, lead, and opportunities management. You will also get a customized dashboard to handle like your needs. 

With the help of this CRM software, you can create customized email templates. Well, dragging and dropping formats for templates are also available, Make sure not to miss that one! 

SuiteCRM is offering a reporting tool to create your own report of business and manage every single operation perfectly. 

What are those Free SuiteCRM Plugins for your CRM business?

Some of the magnificent free SuiteCRM plugins we know that are recently trending in the market. Your business must choose-

  • SuiteCRM Recycle Bin
  • Server Health Check
  • Bulk field importer

Free Recycle bin product for CRM? Why should you choose it?

Recycle bin (Lite) extension recovers all the records that were accidentally deleted by you. The simple process now is to get back those deleted records and you can work on that again.

Suppose one of your newbies in the CRM developer department deletes a few crucial records that you need on an urgent basis. There is no need to call any professional or to search for a solution. You can use SuiteCRM Recycle bin addon. In just one click, it restores deleted records in your CRM. 

Using this enables you to restore records in any module you like. The process of record restoration can be done only by an authorized user. Plus the product saves a huge time because it’s just a single-click process.

Everything to know about Server Health check extension

How are you monitoring the server’s health? Are you following any outdated methods? If yes, then we have an advanced solution that doesn’t need any money from your side. Introducing Server health check extension of SuiteCRM. 

Why should your business choose this first? It helps you to monitor and will send the report of your server health to your desired email address. The report will unpack the crucial details such as disk space, CPU usage, and RAM consumption. You can track all these details without putting in any single investment. 

In addition to this, you can also get an instant report of a server’s health. We are also providing this ultimate feature. You can also take the advantage of adding 5 different disks too. Get a report of that too. 

Another astonishing plugin called Bulk field importer

So many fields can be uploaded in a single click from CSV to SuiteCRM. Now it will not take your time and plenty of effort. SuiteCRM Bulk field importer addon helps you in importing the bulk of fields to save a copious amount of time. Plus a user will see productivity soar. 

We know creating custom fields one by one is taking your time and effort. So, all you need is this great plugin for your CRM business. Understand this: If the field includes a special character or separators, still the addon can upload it faster. 

Make sure the field should not be limited to text, check box, URL, etc. A user can operate this extension in any core and custom module they like. 


You can endeavor for the Server error finder plugin to get an email if the server or SuiteCRM gets an error. It frees you from not giving access to any of your developers. 

When choosing this extension of CRM, it will unlock the errors from server log files and SuiteCRM error log files. You have complete freedom to choose which error notification you want to receive in your email. During the configuration, make settings according to that. 

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