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Looking for a place to connect with deep history? Planning a vacation out of the country to take a break from life? Well, if yes, then you must take a visit to Boston.

America’s one of the most visited tourist destinations with so much to offer; this can be the perfect vacation you have been craving for. Its history and heritage, beauty, and wonders, everything will make you want to stay for a little longer. So get yourself an Alaska Airlines booking and fly out as soon as you can.

From the very famous Freedom Trail to the Museum of Art, there are a lot of places for a guest that the city offers. To help you plan a short trip, we have jotted down a few not-to-miss-out tourist attractions.

Let’s see what all this American city has in store for you!

Freedom Trail

A free tourist attraction in Boston for its visitors is Freedom Trail. The best way to explore the history and landmarks of the country is by trekking through this trail here. You will find many historical sites. A total of 16 major landmarks are here, and you would want to take a look at each one of them. From the Old State House to Paul Revere’s House, you will be astonished by all. So make sure that you take some time put for this mini-vacation.

USS Constitution Museum

Another historical site near the Freedom Trail for diggers of history USS Constitution Museum is the one. A huge collection of documents, artworks, weapons, and the finding of the famous USS Constitute awaits you here. The museum is built close to the water so that you can also see the real USS Constitution ship. Navy men used to call it the Old Ironsides, and they still operate it on their own.

Fenway Park

If you also fight with your sibling over the television remote because an interesting baseball match is on, you would definitely want to explore Fenway Park. The oldest ballpark in the country, this place has a lot to offer. Along with attending a match here, you can also go ice-skating and be a part of one of the Frozen Fenway events. However, they are organized only in winters, so make sure you plan your trip around that time of the year.

Beacon Hill

To get the best view of the city, you can hike up Beacon Hill in Boston. Local and tourist hikers love it here. With its fascinating beauty and amazing architecture, Beacon Hill has streets of cobbled stones. One place that you must visit when you are in Boston is the Massachusetts State House. The interiors and exteriors of this building will leave you in surprise. Click a lot of Instagram-worthy pictures across the hill to capture the beauty it holds.

Museum of Fine Arts

If you want to see the talent of Boston artists, head straight to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This museum has a huge permanent collection with thousands of masterpieces from great artists. This collection includes the works of Monet, Goya, and many more famous artists in the country. Along with that, the museum also has a temporary collection which they keep updating every now and then. So every time you visit there, you will find something new. You might want to take a closer look at the displays and exhibits here!

New England Aquarium

If you love to stare at the aquarium in your house before you love the aquatic life, then you must take a tour of the New England Aquarium. The infrastructure of this aquarium is enough to leave you speechless, and as soon as you enter, you will be fascinated. With so many exhibits, displays, and a diverse range of aquatic animals, you wouldn’t want to go home. Sharks, penguins, colorful fishes, jellyfish, and the list can go on. You can also catch a documentary about aquatic life at the IMAX theatre built here.

Final Statement

Boston is a city in the States that holds a huge part of the historical events. Many landmarks and sites are still left untouched for the visitors to explore. So if you love to get to the roots of a place and understand how beautifully it has developed over time, book your Spirit Airlines vacations today and explore Boston with family and friends.


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