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Popular Methods for Pregnancy Test

For the pregnancy test in the 17th century, a doctor would dip a ribbon in the urine of the woman who suspects herself as pregnant. And then the doctor would burn the ribbon. Now in this modern time, a woman would like to simply go or send her husband to a pharmacy or medicine store to buy a 2019 version of the pregnancy test strip and then come back to the bathroom of her home to test herself positive or negative. However, there are some other methods of pregnancy tests that are popular among women around the world. These popular methods for pregnancy test are very effective and proven.

Pregnancy Test Strip

The pregnancy test strip is the most popular method nowadays for pregnancy tests. In this method, method, there are 2 variations. The first variation is less popular than the second variation. In variation one, you have to take a test strip or dipstick from the most common kits. Then, you will have to hold it in your urine stream when you urinate into the toilet. The second variation is the most popular variation. In variation two, you have to urinate into a cup and dip the test strip into the cup. A section of the strip changes its color if human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is detected that indicating that you are possibly pregnant. These methods for pregnancy tests is also effective for surrogate mothers. You may learn more about surrogate mothers on maternidad subrogada.

Bleaching Powder

Bleaching powder is one of the methods for pregnancy tests that give the most accurate and the quickest result. To test your pregnancy using the bleaching method, urinate into a clean container and then add some bleaching powder into it. Stir well but do not let it be lumps. If the solution creates fizz or foam, you are pregnant. On the other hand, if you do not see any foam in it, then you are not yet pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Using Sugar

Pregnancy test using sugar is the easiest method for pregnancy test and is also very popular. To test your pregnancy through this method, take a tablespoon of sugar into a bowl and add a tablespoon of your fresh urine with the sugar. If the sugar makes clumps, then you are pregnant. On the other hand, if the sugar dissolves into the urine, then you are not pregnant. The point of understanding here is that the presence of the hCG hormone in the urine does not let the sugar dissolve. Although there are some questions about the accuracy of the method still you can go for it.

White Toothpaste Method

The white toothpaste method is another popular method for pregnancy tests. With a view to testing your pregnancy through the white toothpaste method, first, take two tablespoons of white toothpaste into a container and then add some sample of your fresh urine to it. If the color of the white toothpaste changes, and it becomes full of covered with a mass of small bubbles, then you are pregnant. On the other hand, if the color of the white toothpaste does not change, and it does not become full or covered with a mass of small bubbles, then you are not yet pregnant.

Soap Pregnancy Test

The soap pregnancy test is one of the popular methods for pregnancy tests. For doing a soap pregnancy test, take any kind of bathing soap and then urinate all over it. If the soap creates bubbles, it means you are positive or pregnant. On the contrary, if the soap does not create any bubbles, it means you are negative or not yet pregnant. This method is easy and convenient that you can try it yourself even at home.

Most women dream of being pregnant, and they become so excited when they miss their menstruation for the first time in life and this natural emotion is highly appreciated. Along with readily available pregnancy kits, the above methods are also some popular methods for a pregnancy test that ensures whether you got the pregnancy hormone in your urine or not. Whether you are confused and looking for a method to check your pregnancy you may choose from the above-mentioned popular methods for pregnancy test as an effective test.

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