Profitable Business Ideas in Tourism for Entrepreneurs in 2022

If you are a tourism entrepreneur, today you are going to know up to profitable business ideas in tourism, leisure or for restaurants and that can be very helpful if you want to start a business. But before starting it, I just wanna share with you IGDean if your business is on Instagram or any other social media platforms.


Some of these tourism business ideas are original, online or low-investment businesses and others that are very innovative and booming, but in any case they will serve as inspiration if you are looking for business ideas in the tourism field .

Profitable tourism business ideas for the entrepreneur

These business ideas that could be profitable,  I have divided them into several sections to make it more comfortable for you.


You will surely find one that you like.


I also leave you the audible version in podcast format. Remember that you can subscribe so you don’t miss any episode.


1 – Virtual and augmented reality.


The virtual reality VR is one that lets you immerse yourself with integrity in a virtual world thanks to the use of VR devices that simulate an imaginary environment created specifically for you to live a concrete experience.


In augmented reality , in which the use of specific devices is also required, it allows you, unlike the previous one, to see your real environment to which digital objects are enriched.


Both options represent enormous potential and a great marketing tool for the tourism sector since with these devices, we manage to capture the user’s attention to where we want and provoke an auditory and visual stimulus with a great emotional component.


For example, it is already being used by tour operators to sell their trips. Allowing the visualization of tours and activities thanks to virtual reality.


2 – Development of tourism apps


Tourism apps have a great power of expansion and a great diversity of options. That can fit very well when it comes to meeting the needs of travelers.


From the indication of routes of tourist interest: restaurants, museums, churches … to information on the nearest beaches or any other useful service, reservations, opinions queries, transport…

Here are examples of some cool apps:  23 free traveling ‘apps’ that you are going to love (Source: El País) or this application that helps improve communication between the hotel and the guest.



3 – Software provider company adapted to the new digital trends in the tourism industry.


The development of specific software that offers technological solutions to the different segments.  Of the tourism industry may be one of the niches of great expansion in the future.


4 – Wearables


The use of wearables to improve the customer experience is one of the rising trends that is going to have a great journey in many sectors.


From the development of this technology in clothing, footwear to smart bracelets for tourism.



The possibilities are endless and widely accepted by different generations.


5 – Interactive audiovisual technology


Being a provider of interactive audiovisual technology is another interesting business to study and applicable in many situations.


From product presentations, professional events, family entertainment, promotional actions… ..


It has the great capacity to generate continuous attention from the user since communication in this type. Of technology must be bidirectional, requiring the continuous participation of the user.


6 – Smart rooms


Smart rooms are becoming a new tool that allows guests to choose their preferences. Regarding the comfort and convenience of their room.


The options of this resource range from choosing the colour of the walls. Access maps that help you see the tourist resources in the surroundings or even select decorative elements. For the room or displaying content on the wall.

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7 – Face recognition


Facial recognition technology is one of the most demanded by hoteliers.

According to the study carried out by Oracle on this group. Three out of four of us have a desire to incorporate this resource in their establishment before 2025.

8 – Robotics


The applications that robotics can have in the field of tourism are enormous and never cease to amaze us.


From robots that will attend us at hotel receptions to suitcases that follow us.  Follow through the airport thanks to the owner’s smartphone.


The possibilities are so immense and the route so wide. That robotics at the service of tourism will probably be one of the businesses that will prosper the most in the future.

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