Putting insurance on your mobile, is it worth it?

More and more users are betting on making mobile insurance, a decision that many are not clear about. Is it worth insuring the mobile?

There are more and more high-end Android phones with prices that exceed 800 euros, some even with prices above 1,000 euros. They are an investment for users, who when they buy a phone off these characteristics consider insuring it. For many, it is a decision that is not entirely clear and they have doubts about the usefulness of doing this or not.

Does it make sense to secure an Android phone? There are a number of aspects to consider before insuring it, which will help in this decision, because after all, insurance is something that also ends up costing the user money, and you do not want to end up wasting money without any sense.

Why buy insurance for your Android phone?

Understandably, if users plan to take out insurance for their Android phone, it is because there are several reasons that lead them to do so. The insurance will cover certain situations, which with a device priced at 1,000 euros may be more sensitive or important. That is why the user considers it appropriate to hire it.

The normal thing is that having the phone insured, problems or situations such as loss or theft, accidental damage (broken screens, water damage …) if the phone stops working completely or other failures or operating problems that the warranty of the device itself does not cover otherwise.

Knowing that if any of these situations occurs, your insurance will cover you and you will not have to worry about anything, is something that gives users a lot of peace of mind. The Android phone in question will be repaired or replaced, depending on the situation. Although it must be taken into account that some insurances put a maximum of money that they cover and it is the user who pays the difference if it is exceeded.

In addition, if you have a high-end Android phone, with prices above 800 euros, it is a type of phone that usually attracts the attention of thieves. Therefore, they are usually the target of theft more easily than a 100-euro model, something that users must take into account, and that can lead to insuring said device, as a way to protect it against this type of possible situation.

What does mobile insurance cover?

This is a great question that many users have and one of the most common headaches for users who have their Android phone insured. More and more insurances show little interest in wanting to pay the user for problems or failures that they have experienced in the device. Which causes a lot of problems and conflicts.

In addition, there are cases in which the insurer can allege that the problem that has occurred on the phone is due to misuse, it is not something that is covered by insurance, or that it is not possible to demonstrate if said failure has arisen unexpectedly. . Also in the case of theft, many obstacles can be put when having to pay the user. In the end, it makes one question in these cases whether it is worth insuring such a device.

Possibly you know someone who has had a bad experience with mobile insurance. They are not the majority of cases, but they are enough to take them into account because insurance is increasingly reluctant to pay directly in case something has happened. What makes you wonder if it makes sense to be paying an amount each month, which then will not help us when it comes to obtaining the desired repair or replacement.

To insure or not to insure?

It is a complex situation, in which there are several aspects to consider, as you can see. Understandably, if you have a phone for which you have paid more than 1,000 euros, insurance is never a bad option and probably does not involve too great an effort or outlay. So it can give you that extra peace of mind and protection you want.

If insurance is purchased, it is important to consult the different options that are available. Many stores offer you insurance when buying the phone, but you can consult other companies that also give you insurance. This is recommended because there are times when you can find notable differences, both in the price to pay each month and in its conditions. So this will help you find the best insurance for you and your Android phone.

In the event that something happens with the phone, be it a failure, broken screen or theft, always try to accumulate the greatest amount of evidence, which shows that it is not your fault. It may be the theft report, or someone checking the phone to see that the component has been broken without misuse. Since this will help you that the insurance can not refuse to pay you for said failure.

Securing an Android phone can be a good idea, especially on high-end models. But it is important to be aware that there are not always guarantees that the insurance will cover these problems or that they will refuse to pay you for it.

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