QuickBooks Error 6189 816? Here’s What You Should Do

Need to modify your company file but fail to open it in the QuickBooks application because of QuickBooks error 6189 816? If affirmative, there is no need to panic as your company data is completely safe. For example, on your system screen, you might be seeing an error warning reading, “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file.” Usually, QuickBooks 6xxx errors occur because of multi-user mode issues, like QB Database Server Manager is not running on the host computer. Nevertheless, different reasons can trigger QuickBooks error code 6189 816, which we will describe to you through this article, along with the troubleshooting ways to rectify it.

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What are the reasons triggering QuickBooks error code 6189 816?

Apart from the multi-user mode issues, the following is the reason due to which QuickBooks error code 6189 816 often occurs:

1. The host computer’s background processes do not let your QuickBooks application open the company file.

What are the troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks error 6189 816?

Solution 1- Run QB Database Server Manager on the host computer

1. Open the Start menu on your host computer. The host computer is the one that stores your company file.
2. Look for “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” and press Enter on your keyboard.
3. Click on the Scan Folders tab.
4. Choose the Browse option and select the QuickBooks folder where your company file is located.
5. Select the OK button.
6. Click on the Start Scan option and wait until the tool finishes to scan the QuickBooks folder.
7. Open your QuickBooks application on the host computer and then the workstations.

If you reencounter QuickBooks error 6189 816, go through the next solution.

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Solution 2- End the background processes using Quick Fix my Program

1. At first, shut off the QuickBooks application.
2. On your desktop screen, get the QuickBooks Tool Hub of the modern version (
3. Run the downloaded installer (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) and go through the on-screen directions.
4. To get QuickBooks Tool Hub installed, accept the terms and conditions.
5. Double-click the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon located on your desktop screen.
6. From the left-sidebar, choose the Program Problems option.
7. Click on the Quick Fix my Program button and let the tool function.
8. The tool can take some time to end the background processes interfering with your QuickBooks application. So, keep patience until it is over.
9. Once the Quick Fix my Program tool completes, start your QuickBooks application.
10. After that, see if you can open the company file.

If you are facing the issue again then proceed with the next set of steps.

Solution 3- Data File share service

1. It is better for your company files if you do not use any file sharing service like SugarSync, Dropbox,, etc., or any other type of online sync service.
2. One of the major causes can be using online auto-backup utilities for QuickBooks.
3. If you are trying to access company files via file-sharing services, you will likely face the error 6189.
4. To avoid this, remove the company file from Dropbox and copy it in your desktop’s C drive.

If you are still getting the error then move on to the solution 4.

Solution 4- Data file stored on Network drive

1. Make sure that the company file is not kept on a NAS device or other removable device.
2. This is because none of these devices have the permission to run the QuickBooks Database Manager
3. It is often seen that this setup can cause data corruption.

If none of the above solutions work out well for you then proceed with the using of encryption software.

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Solution 5- Usage of Encryption software on your computer

1. In no way does Intuit or QuickBooks ProAdvisor recommend encrypting the file.
2. To disable the software or any other query reach out to your encryption vendor.

If all the solutions fail then you must reach to our QuickBooks Pro Advisors for the aid.


We hope you will rectify QuickBooks error 6189 816 by applying the troubleshooting solutions given above. If not, your company file is possibly located on a detachable drive or online. Hence, your advice is to shift your company file to the local hard drive. You can also avail yourself of additional assistance removing QuickBooks error code 6189 816 by contacting our QuickBooks experts at +1-855-856-0042.

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