Raising dropout age will be beneficial to students

Every child from early days keeps listening about going to school and the benefits of getting higher education. Even when any of the students decided to drop out from high school or school, they still heard the voices about not leaving the education or dropping out. But whenever you talk to any dropout, you will find almost all of them regret their decision. According to numerous researches, every year, more than a million students drop out of high school. But this big decision is not taken overnight. There are so many different factors involved that lead someone to this decision. The reason behind this may include financial issues, bullying, academic failure, family issues, and unnecessary freedom, or so many other different personal and societal issues. But this increase in the number of dropouts affects those students personally as well as on a mass level too because together it becomes a very large number. Some of the main reasons behind the increasing number of dropouts are:

Financial issues:

The research on the increasing number of school dropouts shows that among the students who drop out of school, the students with financial issues have the biggest percentage. There are so many students who drop out of their studies because of socio-economic differences and financial problems. Because as slowly and gradually you move towards higher education your expenses multiplied along with that when they reach to a certain age or completed their school or college they are supposed to support their family financially and find jobs.

Mental illness:

Every year, we see a certain increase in the number of depressed people, and the most important thing is that there are many teens who are suffering from this or other this type of different mental illness. Students with different mental illnesses are more likely to drop out of college or high school. Even there are students who get mental illness or depression because of being in school because they cannot handle academic pressure or get bullied.  Bullying is also one of the reasons behind the increasing number of dropouts.

Academic failure:

Being a student, you have to struggle every day to achieve your academic goals and good grades. Although you can take help from the assignment writing service, they can also help you to a certain level. They cannot give exams or tests instead of you. So struggling on a daily basis is a permanent part of every student, especially when students are doing the job along with the studies, it becomes more difficult for them to fight on multiple borders. This continuous academic struggle is also one of the reasons behind the dropout of the students. Because when students do not perform well in studies and class, they have to face constant failure in academics. To escape from all of these things, they choose an easy but costly decision to drop out of high school or college.

Raising the dropout age will be beneficial to students:

Raising the dropout age is one of the ways to keep students in school for a longer time period and to prevent an increase in the number of dropouts. The dropout age varies from state to state. There are some states where the dropout age of the students is 16, but there are also states where the dropout age of students is 18 or even 21. But this dropout should be raised. So many counties want to raise their dropout age because raising the dropout age will provide them skilled workers and better citizens also it will also help grow the country’s economy. Raising the dropout age will benefit students in a variety of ways, but we will focus on the ways in which raising the dropout age will benefit students in this section. Increased dropout age will be beneficial to students in the long run.

Getting good jobs:

Raising the dropout age will help students in getting good jobs and in achieving a bright future. The dropout age should be at least till graduation. This will result in a large number of graduates and educated people. This will not only improve the literacy rate of the state but also help the economy to grow. And on the other hand, students will get a benefit in the form of a bright future and better employment opportunities. Because when you are educated and have knowledge about things you can get a better job than a person who is uneducated. So many students drop out of high school to get a job and earn money, but later on, they realize that they need to be educated to become more successful and can move forward in a field. There are so many people who get enrolled in universities to get better positions and designation at their workplace. Raising the dropout will help students get a better job and designation quickly and help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Decision making:

Raising the dropout age will help students to make better and wise decisions about their lives and careers. Because the age of 16 or 17 is not enough for students to leave them for making decisions for their lives or careers. Even when to vote in the elections is 18, then why not it can be dropout age? The rise in dropout age will give a chance to at least complete 12 years of education. After completing college, students become aware of so many things and about so many different fields. Raising the dropout age will help them make the right decisions about their life and career and save them from so many regrets and wrong decisions.

Role in society:

Another benefit of raising the dropout age that students will get is that it will help them learn how to play a productive and positive role in society. They will learn how to behave in a certain manner at different times and events. They will also learn how to make society a better place because a better society is one where there are educated individuals.

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