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Reasons to choose the vinyl wallboard instead of drywall

If you desire a cheap wall material, then drywall is definitely the one. However, the durability of drywall is questionable for wet and humid interiors. Drywall is great only for dry places. The wall material cannot offer a protective wall covering for wet and high humid areas. If you have commercial spaces like kitchens, grow rooms, dairy farms, kennels, car wash garages, fisheries, riding stables, and others – then choose the vinyl wallboard instead of the drywall. The USA-made vinyl panels manufactured at Duramax are one of the most ideal and preferred wall materials in the market. There are several reasons why people choose vinyl over drywall. Here are a few reasons to switch from the drywall and invest in high-end vinyl panels.


PVC installation is four times faster than drywall


The Duramax wall panels have the fastest installation time. On the other the drywall takes several days for a complete set-up. The drywall requires additional materials, skilled labor, and quality time to get installed inside a commercial space. Drywall is a heavy material, and you would require more laborers for the installation. If not installed correctly, then the wall material is susceptible to callbacks and lacks durability. On top of everything, the drywall installation requires taping, painting, and mudding. Its makes them delicate and susceptible to impacts.


However, with the vinyl wallboard, you don’t have to take such great pains for the installation. Duramax wall panel kits have a user-friendly installation guide. This ensures the panels get installed within a few hours with the help of only one labor. The PVC wall panels are lightweight, strong, and impact-resistant. Installing vinyl panels takes only 7 hours and lasts for 45 years without any callbacks. Even a novice can install PVC panels that are highly durable.  The wall panels have studs and hidden fasteners that make the installation look seamless and aesthetically appealing. PVC wall panels are resistant to impacts, heavy blows, and long-term abuses, making them a long-lasting choice for commercial sectors.


PVC doesn’t absorb water, unlike drywall


The drywall is highly susceptible to absorbing water and gets damaged easily. Once the drywall absorbs water, the wall material swells up and performs poorly. After 24 hours or so, the damp drywall will become infested with mold and mildew, threatening the hygiene and sanitization of the place. In addition, the drywall is not recyclable. Once the drywall gets wet, it starts decomposing. And gives out a pungent smell, which again is not great for commercial sectors like restaurants, food processing facilities, and the like. A waterproof and durable wall covering is a better alternative to the drywall.

The USA-made vinyl panels made from 100% virgin material are waterproof and not vulnerable to water vapor. Duramax vinyl panels are highly resistant to moisture and have a non-porous surface that inhibits the absorption of any liquids. Duramax panels do not absorb moisture or swell up. Rather the vinyl panels would shed off the excess liquids from the surface. Without wooden backers, PVC panels don’t attract moisture under any circumstances.


Do PVC panels require drywall for installation?


Thin sheets of vinyl panels do require drywall or backers for installation. However, Duramax panels are thicker and stronger. Duramax wall panels don’t require drywall or backers for installation because they have ½ inch thick structure. The wall panels also have an inner webbed truss design that provides them with exceptional durability and resilience. Duramax panels support attic insulation loads and are a great choice for warehouses, shipping containers, marinas, and so on.


PVC panels are hygienic and easier to maintain


Drywall is prone to mold and mildew growth, making it less hygienic than vinyl panels. The waterproof vinyl panels are anti-mold and resistant to bacteria, microbes, and mildew. The PVC panels are also much easier to maintain. The drywall stains easily, and you need to regularly paint the wall material to ensure maximum protection. This heavy-duty maintenance of drywall is pretty expensive in the long run.


On the other hand, vinyl panels don’t stain and are easy to clean with a damp mop. Vinyl wall panels require no repainting, refinishing, or repairs for years. Duramax vinyl panels are ASTM-certified and adhere to FDA and CFIA quality parameters.


Wrapping up


If you want high-end wall panels for your wet and humid commercial interiors, then get them within 2 weeks at factory-direct prices. Duramax wall panels are customized and quality-checked. Request a quote now.

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