Remedies suggested by hip and knee injury doctor in Lahore

Hip and knee joints help to displace a body. Damage to one of these could affect the other as a patient have to face an abnormal gait which put stress over the healthy joint. A person with hip pain tries to walk in a posture comfortable to move, this abnormal walking position stress out knee joints which gradually becomes weak heading towards joint concerns. So early treatment is compulsory to sidestep other complications. Consult a hip or knee injury doctor in Lahore for immediate treatment before things get out of hand.

Anatomy of hip and knee joint

The hip is a ball and socket joint connecting legs to the body trunk. The acetabulum forms the socket while the femoral head fits in as a ball that articulates. Muscles, ligaments and tendons associated with the hip joint help in smooth gliding to aid movement. On the other hand, the knee is a hinge joint and a junction between thigh and shinbone. A person can bend or straighten a leg because of the knee joint. However, both hip and knee joints are essential for using legs in walking, jumping, running etc.

Remedies for Hip and Knee Injuries

Joint pain could be due to a bone fracture, disease like arthritis, injury to soft tissues, or bone deformity. Whenever you visit a hip or knee injury doctor in Lahore they proceed through diagnostic tests. Physical examination is the initial step followed by certain imaging or laboratory tests if required. He may ask questions regarding the medical history of the patient exploring any connection with past injury or hereditary reasons. Through physical examination, a doctor looks for bruises, tender areas, swelling, cuts and checks range of motion. X-rays, MRIs or CT-scan are prescribed for internal examination to see concrete reasons which may be a fracture, dislocation or tear to soft tissues. Infections and blood concerning reasons are sorted through laboratory tests. The treatment plan is designed as per the diagnosis report. Depending on the intensity of injury surgical or non-surgical remedies are instigated which are as follow:

  • Rest

Rest is immediately advised so the injury could heal naturally. The doctor may immobilize the joint through a splint, cast or brace to limit joint motion so if it’s a fracture it could heal properly in correct alignment. Also, muscle tears get better quickly when given rest.

  • Ice

Joint injuries cause inflammation which could be irritating and cause discomfort while movement. To make it better cold compresses are recommend by doctors to relieve such issues. Apply ice packs for 15 to 20 minutes, it will reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Compression

Wrap around elastic bandage as guided by medical practitioner so it doesn’t get too tight to interrupt blood flow. Compression also assists in improving inflammation and preventing swelling progression. If the skin area around the bandage becomes blue or unusual pain arises, don’t delay consulting a hip or knee injury doctor.

  • Elevation

Throbbing pain, swelling and inflammation can be further reduce by elevating the injure joint above heart level. A pillow could be place beneath the joint to raise it.

  • Physical therapy

Whether it’s a surgical or non-surgical treatment, physical therapy under both condition benefit. Consistent pain and rest can freeze the joint which deters motion, also, muscles become weak and less flexible. To regain lost strength and elasticity joint needs to be exercise as advise by the doctor. Your doctor will guide you through the right angle and posture to conceive while exercising. If you have a replacement surgery like that of the hip, you must consult a hip replacement surgeon in Pakistan to carry out physiotherapy in the right way.

  • Medications

An orthopedist prescribes certain painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines for relief. Oral as well as ointments he may recommend for topical use.

  • Injection therapy

In cases where the pain is intolerable and doesn’t improve through oral medicines, steroids may be inject directly into the affected area for instant relief. However repetitive use of injection weakens muscles around so your doctor would not use it much frequently.

  • Arthroscopy

It’s a procedure conceiver through a small incision with a help of a pen-like tool. A light and a camera on top. An orthopedist gets an exact diagnosis through arthroscopy and can also repair injured joints. It is the ideal method to do the partial joint replacement as recovery is quick afterwards. If we talk about a knee and hip replacement surgeon in Pakistan he can carry out arthroscopic procedures with great dexterity.

  • Total Joint Replacement surgery

If the joint is badly damage to cure through conventional methods and the possibility to heal the natural joint is almost none, total joint replacement surgery is instigate. An injured joint is remove and replace with an artificial joint which replicates the motion of a natural joint. This remedy vanishes pain even if it is due to arthritis.


Tolerating pain gives no advantage rather affect overall body health. Damage to one part can have an abrasive effect over the other as all the body components are interconnect and work in coordination providing stability may it is chemical or mechanical. So never ignore mild injuries seek the help of an knee injury doctor in Lahore to get treatment right away.

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