Snapchat Trends – what is this tool and how to use it?


Snapchat is a mobile application that has been around since 2011. Its users can share photos and recordings, as well as create communities around various events, which they can then report from their own perspective. In 2021, 10 years after launching the app, Snapchat decided to go a step further. Meet Snap Trends – a tool that allows you to search for the most popular words and phrases shared in public relations on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat Trends?

Snap Trends is a Snapchat workflow tool that allows you to find and monitor the most frequently used words / tags by users added to public relations. Snapchat Trends is very similar to Google Trends. Finds data and shows them in a similar way – in the form of a graph. Analyzing this data allows you to study current trends and on this basis create lists of phrases that users are interested in.

How does Snapchat Trends work?

You do not need a Snapchat public profile account to use Snap Trends. Just enter an interesting word or phrase in the search bar. Snap Trends will show you the results as a graph. Interestingly, the user can enter several words in one search and compare all the data he receives. Thanks to this, it can analyze the potential of the searched phrases and analyze them in combination with each other. The user can also view the related reports. This is a great option for marketers because by analyzing the data, they can better plan different types of campaigns. A useful feature of Snapchat Trends is also that it shows the most popular trends from the last week.

How does Snapchat Trends collect data?

Snapchat Trends works like a scanner. Analyzes and collects keywords that users place in their Snap Map Stories and My Stories . Importantly, the photos and videos posted in these categories are made publicly available and therefore Snap Trends can analyze them. In connection with the protection of personal data, Snap Trends does not take into account information sent in private chats and directly directed Snaps .

How can data from Snapchat Trends be used?

Internet analytics allows you to determine the situation of the company on the market. The information obtained helps in the process of making business and marketing decisions. There are many tools available to collect the data you need. If you want to learn more about web analytics and why it’s so important, check out our article .

Snap Trends is another tool that can support web analysts. Here are 5 areas where knowing Snapchat trends can come in handy.

1. Product market research

The data provided by Snap Trends may prove useful in researching consumer behavior towards a given product or service. The analysis will help assess the degree of matching the offer to the market , as well as assist in monitoring the product life cycle.

2. Copywriting

Snap Trends will surely appeal to marketers who plan to communicate their brand with their audience through the Snapchat app, but not only that. Snap Trends indicates which topics are the most popular among users – “only” those from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia, but most trends are also present on the Polish market.

3. Building customer personality

Snap Trends is great for formulating target groups . The collected data helps to define the needs, expectations and desires of consumers. We can also observe the language used by our potential customers and on this basis decide on the appropriate communication of the brand with the market .

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4. Media planning for key moments

Observing the most frequently used phrases is one thing – in addition, Snap Trends allows you to monitor the popularity level of specific tags – in other words, to examine the seasonality of trends. This data may prove useful in constructing a media plan .

It’s worth observing how Snapchat users celebrate all kinds of holidays and celebrations . Thanks to this, when a holiday celebrated in social media is approaching, e.g. Ice Cream Day, we will know what messages to use to engage the recipients.

The data provided by Snap Trends will also help to understand the context in which the advertisement in the application will be displayed, and thus – it will allow to adjust the advertisement to best suit the needs of the recipients.

5. Competition research

How to use Snapchat Trends to research your competition? The tool can help us place our brand on the perception map – in other words, check how consumers perceive it. Snap Trends can also be used to improve the offered goods. The obtained data will also be helpful in the process of introducing a new product to the market.

Snapchat Trend as a support for SEO activities

Snapchat Trends is another tool that allows you to verify the popularity of various keywords, so it’s easy to guess that it can be helpful in SEO activities – especially when we plan activities aimed at younger users.

Of course, the data from Snapchat should be verified in another tool, such as Keyword Explorer Ahrefs. The fact that users are willing to share some content on Snapchat does not have to automatically mean that they search for it on Google.

For more information on the selection of keywords and their meaning, see our other article , which we strongly encourage you to read. And if you don’t know what SEO is and how it differs from SEM.

Snapchat Trends Potential

Snap Trends is a new and still little known tool that is definitely worth testing. As we already know, it can help you research the market and create new marketing strategies. All thanks to the algorithms that constantly monitor the trends that appear among Snapchat users. For now, Snap Trends is only available on Western markets, but thanks to its huge potential, we can expect it to appear also in our country.

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