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Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

It would not be an exaggeration to say that most people spend significant hours scrolling through their social media and making life decisions on the basis of the information available on it. It has become an integral part of their daily routine. Some are addicted to it so much that it is the first thing they rush to once they wake up. Others post minor details about their life on social media platforms.

As a result, there is a content overload on social media platforms, and the competition is high. Being aware of the social media trends assist you in devising a strategy that stands out in the crowd. Looking for reputable SEO Dubai experts to optimize your marketing plans and get them on the right track will take time. Meanwhile, here are some important social media marketing trends you should become acquainted with to set your business on the road to success in 2022.

1.  Reels Are Contributing to Overall Instagram Marketing Success

There was a time when businesses rushed to create their series after the advent of IGTV and Facebook Watch, expecting long-form videos to be the future. However, Tiktok was on a different mission which provoked Instagram to experience a paradigm shift. Customers are demanding more video content. They need short, entertaining video content that is probably under two minutes.

It means that businesses should embrace this shift as soon as possible to market their brands to the target audience in 2022 effectively. The video should be the core component of your strategy. Nevertheless, throwing up a plain video is not enough. Its content should be unique, innovative, and entertaining to stand out in today’s landscape.

Therefore, your Instagram marketing strategy must leverage Instagram Reels and short videos. Reels will be more organic, authentic and don’t seem like a typical ad post.

2.  TikTok Will Become Important For Social Media Marketing in 2022

Instagram held the top position in the hearts of social media marketers. It has grown a lot, and fast earned the highest returns on investments and is a fun spot to hang out on. However, Tiktok surpassed the one billion user mark in September 2021 and is a threat to Instagram. It is moving smoothly up the ranks as short-form video content is popular.

Having said that, Tiktok is no longer a platform where creators show off their dance moves. It has launched multiple tools like ads and business profiles. One of the most prominent features is live streaming which will encourage influencers to join the platform.

In addition, Tiktok Shops is the most anticipated feature of 2022 after its partnership with Shopify and the ability of the business profiles to tag products. Tiktok Shops will allow businesses to launch their online stores and increase their sales.

3.  YouTube Shots are a Distraction

Do you want to expand your organic growth at YouTube? The first step is to learn how to use YouTube as a whole and gain insights about its algorithms. Marketers avoid this step and jump directly on creating the video content. Understanding YouTube’s algorithms are crucial because its job is to pair the right content with the right audience.

Certainly, trends on the platform are changing. As we move into 2022 swiftly, the tagging strategy holds very little importance in finding the content. The key to dominating the search is using the right keywords in your title and description.

Also, YouTube Shots is not where your focus should be. It is not going to increase organic traffic. YouTube users want long-form video content, and long-form content leads to more sales. It helps you to build a strong community and achieve sustainable growth.

The customers want to know you and your brand. They don’t want to find what they are looking for and leave. Therefore, be different and own your weirdness.

4.  Twitter is Going Wild on Spaces

Spaces should be your top priority if Twitter is a part of your social media marketing strategy. This means that audio content is gaining popularity and is becoming a popular means of connecting with your followers. It is powerful enough to help marketers build a community online through valuable content and conversations. All you need is to get your smartphone, and it eliminates the need to be camera-ready all the time.

Furthermore, Twitter is working hard behind the scenes to roll out new features that will help users discover new spaces and join in.

To sum up, your social media marketing strategy should level up and invest in features to reach your audience. It makes sense to show up to your followers and regularly speak in people’s rooms.

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