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Some of The Practices to Design the Best Popcorn Custom Boxes wholesale

Popcorns are like the youngest child of a family who is loved by everyone. It is the most favorite snack whether you are at a movie night or there is a small house party. When a thing is so much in demand, there is tough competition between the brands to draw customers. One thing which can help you to get the maximum attention is Custom Boxes wholesale. The advancement in technology and new trends has revolutionized food packaging design. Now you cannot rely on the old cardboard boxes.

Nowadays, being customized is the new trend and it is what customers demand. That’s why more and more are moving towards personalized packaging to delight customers. When you visit the store to buy popcorns, you will see packaged colorful Custom Boxes Wholesale with different designs and prints. Sometimes it is the color combination that catches the eye and sometimes it’s the image that grabs the attention. But in the crowd of products how can make your product prominent? The simplest answer is to work on the box design and try to be unique.

Every type of packaging has its challenges and risk. But when it comes to food boxes, you need to be extra careful. Here are some of the practices to follow for the customized popcorn Custom Boxes wholesale.

Protection comes first With Custom Boxes wholesale

No matter what type of Custom Boxes wholesale packaging you have designed, product protection should be your top priority. Whether it’s a tin or a box or a paper bag, it should ensure that your product will reach customers safely. To meet the safety requirement, you need to choose high-quality material for your popcorn boxes.

Food items have higher risks of getting spoiled during shipping and even on the store’s shelves. But the right choice of material will increase the shelf life of products and also ensure safe customer delivery. It is one of the biggest plus points for a brand and it will help you to retain customers for a lifetime.

Highlight the important details OF Custom Boxes wholesale

Some brands think that Custom Boxes wholesale with logo is enough to provide complete information to customers. But when it comes to providing information thorough packaging, each detail matters. From the product name to the manufacturing date, you need to print all the necessary info. If you miss out on any of the ones, customers will not probably consider you for the next time.

Firstly, you should have a brand logo and name on the boxes; it can be your unique identity in the crowd. Secondly, all the product information including its name, benefits and important dates should be on the packaging. When it comes to popcorn, you have to mention its use and cooking instructions.

Don’t overpack

One of the biggest mistakes which food brands make is over packaging. Customers don’t want to unfold the several layers to get their product. It is a time-consuming and frustrating process. So, try to avoid it and make your packaging easy for customers. It should be easy for customers to open the box and to get the product out. Choose a single box to enclose your popcorns into it. Don’t add layers of plastic and paper bags. If you still using the plastic bag inside the box then what is the purpose of opting for a high-quality custom box.

Consider the environment

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a custom display boxes gift or popcorn packaging; it is your responsibility to care about the environment. No brand can survive in the market if it is choosing non-recyclable resources for product boxes. It will not only harm the environment but also be a serious threat to your brand image.

To avoid all the above consequences, it is best to choose an eco-friendly packaging solution. Cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft can be the best choice for popcorn packaging boxes. White Kraft is fully recyclable and also the most affordable option, especially for small brands. It will ultimately result in more sales and more customers.

Both inside and outside matters

While designing the popcorn packaging, don’t focus just on the outside of the box. It’s both inside and outside of the box which matters in customized packaging. To provide an exceptional experience to customers, you have to work on inside packaging. Inserting discount coupons, handwritten notes, and free product samples will help you to win customers’ loyalty for a lifetime. If you can’t afford the above tactics, inside print is another option to delight the customers. Remember the saying “It is inside which matters the most.

Choose your manufacturer of Custom Boxes wholesale carefully

The last but not the least step of Designing packaging is to choose the right manufacturer or designer. It can be the most important decision of the whole process. Do your research and do check their previous records. You can check their feedback on different sites and social media platforms. Remember quality work requires more money. But still, many packaging companies offer you affordable rates and also allow customers to buy at wholesale. Even at some companies, you can place an order with a minimum of 100 boxes.

Good packaging boxes are important for any company to build a positive brand image. If you follow the above guide carefully, you can easily design the best popcorn packaging and even perfect custom Cereal Boxes. Above are a few tips from our side but there is a lot more to know in customized packaging.

Rocky Mental

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