Styling Tips to Wear Print Fabric

The fashion trend of mixing patterns has lately gained enormous popularity. It really provides a fresh perspective. A huge number of fabric suppliers are dealing with these kinds of fabrics in India. Some people believe that mixing several print kinds on cloth is difficult, however it is not. At least until one is aware of a few important guidelines and helpful advice. One of the greatest seasons to wear bold floral, geometric, and tiger patterns on blouses, tops, trendy t-shirts, skirts, and pants is unquestionably summer. Layering clothing with darker geometrical, subdued, and military motifs is appropriate in the winter and fall.

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Rules to follow print fashion 

Basic and neutral shades 

It implies that you may swap out your solid-colored shirt or blouse with one with a delicate design. Therefore, as time goes on, you’ll be ready to test out our very “complex scenarios” of print on print. There are also a select few “neutrals” like stripes and leopard print that complement practically everything. Make an effort to blend similar hues. They contribute to the overall aesthetic. Combining the same designs in various tones or tints is another smart move.

Don’t overlook the neutral hues, mostly white, beige, black, and blue, which can go with a variety of designs. Why does it matter? Well, a black jacket with a geometric design and black striped leggings go well together. That is rather simple, isn’t it?

Blend of different size prints 

Same pattern, but in various sizes. This basically implies that broad and thin stripes look wonderful together! If you can match at least one of the colors of several prints, it is pretty nice. Keep in mind that graphic prints often coordinate with one another. You may also use flowers to complement your clothing; just choose ones that are larger and more noticeable! Combining prints from different categories is quite OK, but limit yourself to no more than two prints at once! That’s simply chaotic, and chaotic is not what we want.

Prints for street styling 

Given that it is equally suitable for men and women, this design is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked and adaptable. Stripes first appeared centuries ago and have never left the runway or the fashion world. The 20th century saw a huge resurgence in their popularity. In the West, they have some linking to undesirable things like criminals, clowns, or prisoners. These days, this design comes in hundreds of color combinations. It is possible for stripes to be thick, thin, huge, little, straight, curved, short, and lengthy. Men and women both wear this pattern since it is a simple design that complements practically everything.

Animal print styling 

Dresses with leopard and tiger prints are still highly fashionable and can be seen in every season’s fashion line. This design has a long history that dates back to the reign of kings and queens, when donning such a pattern was a sign of great riches and rank. You’ll be astonished to learn that not much has changed since then. Even now, tiger or zebra print clothing is usually used for display.

Tigers and leopards are not the only animals that exhibit this pattern. Zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, and even monkeys are also present. Of course, wearing animal skin is not encouraged by contemporary animal print. It is just a lovely approximation of certain animals’ fur. If the pattern is created using “natural” hues, it looks fantastic. Some fashion authorities advise limiting your wardrobe to one item with this design at a time. Animal designs and other print combinations might be challenging for novice print mixers. But if you want to stand out, it’s definitely worth attempting this current and distinctive design.

Geometry styling prints 

The different varieties of zig zags, stripes, squares, checks, rounds, diamonds, and triangles that make up so-called geometric prints. This print underwent multiple changes in the 20th century. A few years ago, psychedelic geometric motifs could be seen on every runway in the globe. When paired with nearby tones or other geometric designs in related hues, this print looks stunning. If you are unsure of how to wear geometric designs with florals or khaki, it is best to pair them with solid colors. However, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd if you manage to find an intriguing mix of geometric designs. Although this print seems straightforward, it is really magnificent, overwhelming, and elegant.

Floral prints 

Shopping malls include a wide variety of fabric patterns, but this one is particularly unique and all-encompassing. Naturally, it is a well-known and adored flower motif. It is fantastic, lovely, adaptable, and available in a variety of colors. It is currently difficult to determine how this print was made. The majority of specialists think it originated in Asia where flowers are significant to the culture and entered the fashion business. Ancient textiles from China, India, and Japan have vast heritage of floral motifs. This print first emerged in the West in the 15th century as a result of the various traders and merchants. Amazingly, Europe didn’t begin making its own textiles with prints until the 18th century.

These days, floral designs have unquestionably evolved into something iconic, fashionable, and adaptable. They may complement other prints effectively. Trendy flower pattern tunics, blouses, jackets, and skirts are often included in the newest collections from designers. If you follow some simple principles, mixing this print with others won’t be as difficult as it may seem to novices. Unless both are included in the print, checks and flowery patterns don’t go well together. Additionally, stripes and any solid color go well with floral patterns since they are more subdued, neutral, and adaptable.

Military style outfits 

Only in the middle of the 20th century did military camouflage take on the form we are familiar with today. The fashion industry seized on it in the 1960s, and it is still going strong today. Others refer to it as “khaki.” It has several similarities to animal print but few differences. These days, both men and women wear this design in a variety of color and pattern combinations. Women love wearing khaki dresses and skirts in green and brown. Of course, items with military prints, such as coats, trousers, and pants, have become timeless favorites. Khaki pairs nicely with nearby solid colors, geometric designs, and delicate patterns. A military print, however, cannot be described as being highly widespread or diverse.


The contemporary fashion business provides many innovative styles. Every year, prints evolve, yet they will always be seen on the runway. ethnic, tribal, floral, militaristic, understated, geometric, watercolor, polka dot, and abstract designs have already advanced to the status of becoming fashionable. You should keep an eye on the most recent print trends if you want to seem fashionable and intelligent.

Overall, you will now be able to master the skill of fusing intricate prints. There is just one location—fabriclore— tech driven fabric suppliers where you may find every kind of print and pattern in the hottest styles. You may find traditional Indian printing techniques here with contemporary patterns. Further, you can explore the alternative of customized wholesale fabric where you can get the material as per your imagination and thoughts. With the team of textile experts, you will get the best customized service that will make your entire process hustle free and smooth.  

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