Tackle QuickBooks Error OL 301 With Sharp & Precise Steps

Tackle QuickBooks Error OL 301 With Sharp & Precise Steps

You may stumble upon QuickBooks Error OL 301 while you try to download your company transactions or while trying to connect to your bank account. The possible causes for this error to originate can be associated with the issue with either your bank, company file, or QuickBooks. The description box of the error describes it quite well, saying, “Problem Connecting: {Your financial institution} sent an error message. It might be because of your account info changed, or they haven’t turned on a service, like online bill pay.” You can carefully read the message and try rectifying the error. Follow the blog to understand the process step by step.

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Here is what causes the Error OL 301

We will now let you know the factors that stand responsible for the appearance of the error. Once you understand them, you will become more confident while executing the steps and can even anticipate the troubleshooting steps. Have a look forward:

  1. If there is a connection failure found between the bank and QuickBooks, your access to the bank account gets denied.
  2. There may be some problem with your company file data that leads to obstruction in downloading transactions.
  3. Bank server is temporarily down and is unable to respond to your request, which can be an impetus to poke the error.

Once you get these points through, you can take off to carry out troubleshooting steps.

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What are the eliminating steps of error OL 301?

We have facilitated you with the steps you must take to eliminate the error. Here we tell you how to reconfigure your connection settings, so keep following:

Solution 1: To Develop a Company File to Test:

For this error to get removed firstly, you will need to check what is causing the error, whether it is a bank issue or a QuickBooks issue. Follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to the File menu to click New Company.
  2. Now you either need to tap Express Start or Start Setup option.
  3. Hereafter, fill in all the required details in the Setup window and click Create Company.
  4. Choose Start Working.

After following these steps, still, get the same error? Then it signifies the issue with the connection from the bank. If you see no error, then the bank connection is fine. Now follow solution 2.

Solution 2: Turn On the Inactive Bank Feeds

To refresh the networks for all accounts, as well as those which are hidden from the Chart of Accounts, follow the steps given below:

  1. initially, Go to the List menu and select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Now go to the bottom of the list and select the Include inactive option.
  3. Turn off bank feeds for all the accounts, including inactive ones, and then turn it on.

If QuickBooks error OL 301 persists, try the next solution.

Solution 3: Improve Your Bank Connection

If there is no issue with your bank connection, you will have to reset your bank connection by reconfiguring the Bank Feed. Also, follow the same steps if your bank updates the online banking service.

  1. For the account displaying the error, click Turn off Bank Feeds, then again Turn on Bank Feeds. This step will refresh the QuickBooks’ connection with the bank.

Now access company files or download transactions, following the steps you took before. This time you will be able to proceed further without the error appearing. If there is still an issue, try resetting all the online banking connections, even the hidden ones.

This blog discussed the occurrence time, reasons, and cures of the QuickBooks Error OL 301. Even after fixing connection issues, you are unable to open data or download transactions; you should call up the QuickBooks Support Service at 1.855.738.2891 to attain in-depth knowledge of the glitch and the functions.

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